AirLert Bed Pressure Mat - Fall Alarm for Existing Nurse Call
Weight 1330g. Qty 1

AirLert Bed Pressure Mat - Fall Alarm for Existing Nurse Call


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Our game-changing AIRLERT® Bed-leaving sensor is becoming increasingly popular throughout the falls prevention sector. The pressure mat sensor covers the entire length of the bed, can be used with any mattress and is easily set up in seconds.

The pressure-sensitive mat alerts to bed leaving and connects straight into your existing call system. The Airlert™ Bed falls prevention system alerts as soon as someone gets out of bed. The mat is positioned under the mattress and is full length for increased comfort and reduced false alarms. 


Includes ULTRA-LONGLIFE 5 year battery.

The Bed leaving alarm system is air operated and monitors the change in pressure on the mat when an individual gets out of bed.

Unlike other bed systems, Airlert technology measures the amount of pressure therefore minimising false alarms. It is also full length therefore less likely to give a false alarm than smaller bed monitors. The system works with all mattresses even the specialist pressure relief mattresses and profiling beds.


  • Works with all beds and mattresses including airflow
  • Works under the mattress so no loss of comfort
  • Covers full areas of the bed so less false alarms
  • Mats are waterproof and hard-wearing
  • Mats & Control box are easy to clean
  • Works with all call system types
  • Up to 5 year battery life
  • Batteries Included
  • Optional Rubber holder for control box
  • No professional installation required
  • Free telephone assistance
  • 1 year guarantee + Lifetime Maintenance

Our Airlert Bed and chair control boxes now come with a switch that allows you to monitor both a bed or chair mat sensor with the same box. If you have a bed sensor you can also purchase an additional chair mat and swap the mats around day to day, depending on your requirements.


Works with all types of profiling beds and can be positioned under the mattress.

OnBed Pressuremat:

  • Size 630mm x 1980mm x 33mm
  • Lead Length: 3m 
  • Matt thickness 12mm
  • Connection: airtube connects to pneumatic adapter.
  • Weight 1330g

We can easily match connections for most call system models including: 

  • Ackermann Connexus
  • Aidcall ATX2000
  • Aidcall ATX3000
  • Aidcall ATX4000
  • Aidcall ATX5000
  • Alarm Tec
  • Arm
  • Ascom
  • Av tech
  • Bloomby Niko
  • C tec
  • Call Line
  • CareCom
  • Chubb
  • Courtney Thorne 
  • Eclipse 
  • Eclipse change over box
  • Intercall 600/700
  • MB electronics 3002 NCPP
  • Nursecall Pear Push Transmitter
  • Medicall 800
  • Medicare HTM4000 
  • Medicare HTM6000 
  • Medicare HTM9000
  • Modern
  • Ncall - Telearm
  • Nursecall 700 & Nursecall 600 
  • Nursecall 7000
  • Nursecall 800 
  • Prince
  • Quantec
  • Rondish
  • SAS gemini
  • SAS network 1 
  • SAS network 2
  • Saturn
  • Tate 
  • TeleAlarm - Companion 90
  • Tunstall
  • Tunstall (Swindon)
  • Wandsworth Safecall

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