• How to deliver excellent oral care for your residents in care homes and achieve CQC compliancy.


    It is just under 2 years since, the NICE Quality Standard 'Oral Care in Care Homes ‘was published.

    In it are recommendations that residents in care homes have their oral health needs assessed on admission and recorded in their personal care plans, and are supported to clean their teeth twice a day and/or their dentures daily. 

    Why do I want to talk about this and bring it to your attention now?

    Recently, we have heard from both care home customers and CQC inspectors that this is an area of focus for CQC during inspections.

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  • All the Latest from Healthcare HQ!

    It's been a little whilst since we last posted here and this is in no small part to some of the work we've been doing behind the scenes at Healthcare Services UK. You may already have noticed that we have improved the search function on the website to return better results for you. We are also working on improving the information on the website on each product, so you've got a better idea of the right products for you to use and to help you find them first time, every time.

    We've also been watching the news for interesting stories about progress in the battle against dementia, helpful tips and tools for caring for those with a dementia, and building up more resources and guides for you all to use to that end too.  There will be much more on that in the coming months.

    We'd like to share some of those stories below with you all now.

    A town hall which is offering film screenings Wem Town Hall where a new Dementia Friendly screening has taken place.

    This is Wem Town Hall, where on Monday 17th December, there was a "Singing Session" where those with a dementia, and their carers, could attend and enjoy singing along to classic movie songs.

    We've previously mentioned other groups in the country who arrange these important events where carers and those with a dementia can enjoy some social time and respite. We will continue to share this news and we hope to have many more to tell you about!

    Passion for care

    The passion at the heart of Healthcare Services UK comes direct from the heart of our MD, Jo Bonser. If you have not yet heard about Jo's story and why helping those with a dementia is so important to her, then we urge you to head over here and watch the video.

    Jo Bonser, MD of Hcsuk, leading a workshop on dementia and hydration and nutrition. Jo leading a workshop earlier this year talking about helping those with a dementia to eat and drink better.

    In Case You Missed It!

    November 27th was "Tasty Suppers" day, a day set up by the team behind Nutrition and Hydration week. The day, along with the other awareness day of Thirsty Thursday is designed to remind us of the importance of keeping those in our care well fed and cared for. We have a range of product solutions to help you with this, some of which are shown in the image on the right.

    These include plates and bowls which keep food warmer for longer, adapted cutlery which is easier to hold for those with limited strength in their hands and reduced mobility and cup and mugs with lids to both keep things warm and help reduce spillages.

    You can see more products on the website. 

    Keep popping back because there will be more to come, both in updates on the website but also with our other services and how we keep you informed of what we're up to here at Hcsuk.


  • The Dementia Mealtime Challenge - Are you up for it?

    We may not have the grandest stand and we definitely don’t have the biggest marketing and merchandising budget, so it was particularly lovely to get great feedback, when a lady who visited our stand at the NACC National Association of Care Caterings Training and Development Forum from last week gave us her prize for the’ Best Stand of the Day.’

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  • MD Jo Is Honoured To Be Presenting National Interactive Workshop

    Yayy! I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to have been invited to present an interactive workshop, ‘To Help People with a Dementia to Eat Better’, at this year’s National Association of Care Catering (NACC) training and development forum coming up in October.

    The NACC is an organisation who, for more than 30 years, has been committed to raising standards of care catering and championing the positive impact nutrition, hydration and mealtimes have on the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of the elderly and vulnerable in care settings. It unites supports and represents everyone working in and associated with catering in the UK care sector. It is recognised as a respected source of information and opinion for the dynamic and growing area of care catering.

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  • How Do Your Pureed Meals Shape Up?

    We are tweaking our agenda for the next "Pureed Food Workshop" on the 25th April and wanted to introduce you to Preston Walker, the chef who will be taking you through the live demonstrations on the day.

    Preston runs his family-owned care home in Rutland and is an active member and current Chairman of the Midlands branch of the National Association of Care Caterers.

    Through his work, Preston has become very passionate about the presentation of meals, being particularly drawn to ensuring people with dysphagia enjoy beautifully presented meals.

    This passion has now extended to building a training business dedicated to training on pureed meal presentation and increasing knowledge about dysphagia. These passions make him an obvious choice for the upcoming "Pureed Food Workshop".

    What changes could you make to your residents lives by taking part in the next workshop on April 25th?


    Preston Walker
  • Pureed Perfection! - How do your pureed meals shape up?

    Today we're covering the second of our award winning care chefs, Malcolm Shipton. Having run pubs for a good few years, Malcolm decided 10 years ago that he fancied a "nice quiet little job" in a care home and moved to run the kitchen at Wren Hall Nursing Home in Selston, Nottinghamshire.

    Malcolm attended our workshop to help improve the presentation of pureed meals, 3 years ago and heard from our then, trainer-chef, Sinead, how she had been appalled at the food offered to her father in hospital. Sinead’s father had throat cancer and because he has swallowing difficulties was only being fed jelly, custard and rice pudding, resulting in limited nutrition and quality of life.

    Galvanised by this story, Malcolm understood how the presentation of food affects his residents and their families and went away determined to improve the presentation of the pureed meals at Wren Hall.

    Just before Christmas 2016, he won the NACC Dysphagia Chef of the Year, the image below shows him being congratulated for the award.

    What changes could you make to your residents lives by taking part in the next workshop on April 25th?

    Register now by emailing [email protected] with the subject line "pureed food workshop", we look forward to seeing you there!

    Malcolm Shipton shown being congratulated for his award.
  • How does your pureed food shape up?

    Food matters, and the quality and presentation of food served to ladies and gents in care homes, REALLY matters. If residents are well fed, with nutritious and appetising meals that are served to them in a dignified way, they will eat more, improving their nutrition levels and overall wellbeing and reducing food wastage.

    If you've not seen our announcement earlier this week, we are delighted to be hosting the second workshop titled
    'How to improve the presentation of puréed meals' to help chefs and care home managers understand the process of how food moulds should be used to recreate the shapes of meals and to help their residents enjoy a more dignified mealtime experience.

    The first workshop proved to be a huge success with chefs really taking on board how the moulds can help people. Peter Radford, who recently featured in a local news piece was one of those chefs.

    Peter has been working in care catering for 7 years, having previously run multiple businesses. When his dad passed away the business was sold and he decided to go into Care Home Catering. Peter fell in love with the care environment and the residents he caters for, catering for people properly with complex needs. He joined the first workshop 3 years ago which led to him embracing enhanced pureed food presentation.

    What changes could you make to your residents lives by taking part in the next workshop on April 25th?

    Register now by emailing [email protected] with the subject line "pureed food workshop", we look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Focus on Food

    This week we're talking about Nutrition and Hydration and we like to put our money where our mouth is (pardon the pun), so last week, Chief HCSUK Elf, Jo, was talking about this very topic in a workshop at Leicester General Hospital. Here she is leading the workshop with registered nurses and managers of Leicester Care Homes.

    Remember to reserve  your Dignified Dining Brochure on [email protected]

    This afternoon we will be the Nottingham Post Carer of the Year Awards so stick around the Facebook page for exciting updates and pop back here tomorrow for the round up the event!

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