Days Link Attendant Propelled Wheelchair- Crash Tested
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Days Link Attendant Propelled Wheelchair- Crash Tested

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The Link is suitable for full-time use and is designed for maximum practicality. In addition to six seating widths, key features include a height adjustable backrest for tailored support and tension adjustable upholstery for comfort. To enable easier side transfer, the Link is fitted with swing-back and detachable armrests. The footrests have a heel strap for support and can be swung internally or externally for access. You may also wish to add optional extras, such as height adjustable armrests or elevating leg rests complete with angle adjustable footplates for maximum comfort. Key features • Available as self-propelled or attendant propelled • Suitable for full-time use with a choice of six different seat widths • Features include a height adjustable backrest, a half-folding back, swing-back and detachable armrests, a heel strap and fixed angle footplates • Puncture-proof tyres for peace of mind • Rear anti-tippers for safety on slopes or uneven ground • Multi-adjustable rear wheel position to enable you to change the seat angle for comfort,or make the chair more efficient and agile • Removable quick-release rear wheels • Passes ISO 7176 part 19 •

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