Oralieve Mild Mint Non Foaming Toothpaste
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Oralieve Mild Mint Non Foaming Toothpaste

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Oralieve Toothpaste contains the same natural enzyme system which, in saliva, protects your mouth from the bacteria which can cause plaque-build up and ultimately lead to dental caries. Formulated without foaming agents which are known to be harmful to oral mucosa, this toothpaste cleanses, protects and freshens the mouth without burning or stinging. Especially recommended and prescribed for anyone with a reduced immune system, with a temporary or longterm lack of saliva or with a sensitive mouth.

  • Gentle Flavour - Does not sting, irritate or burn
  • Promotes fresh breath
  • Helps reduce plaque-causing bacteria
  • No alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate FREE (non foaming)
  • Contains 1450ppm fluoride
  • mimics the action and feel of your saliva
  • Low abrasion
  • Cleans and moisturises the mouth

Apply with a suitable toothbrush, or use the patented MouthEze soft headed applicator in situations where toothbrushes may not be suitable. 

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