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Antibacterial Low Temp Destain Liquid for Laundry 1x10 Litre (CRLTD-10)
Designed to be used at lower temperatures saving energy and time.

Qty 1x10 Litre

Antibacterial Low Temp Destain Liquid for Laundry 1x10 Litre (CRLTD-10)

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An effective oxygen-based low temperature liquid destainer, which removes stains even at temperatures as low as 20ºC, saving energy and reducing wash times.
Product Features
Gentle on fabrics compared with many other laundry destain products.
Environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.
Suitable for both white and coloured fabrics.
Has broad antibacterial, virucidal and fungicidal activity at 20oC.
Complies with BSEN1276 and BSEN13697.
Kills 99.999% germs in 5 minutes at 20oC.
Non-corrosive, odourless, no irritant vapours and does not irritate the skin.
Energy and Time Saving
By washing at 30°C rather than 60°C, a saving of around 65% (cold fill) or 70% (hot fill) is achieved in energy costs. Also cycle times are reduced as the water need not be heated. Typical dose rates would be 20ml-40ml/12kg/25lbs.

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