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Bariatric Evacuation Sledge (EVSG100)
Bariatric Evacuation sledge hangs on wall in pouch 100 cm wide Qty 1

Bariatric Evacuation Sledge (EVSG100)

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Our bariatric evacuation sledge is a very similar to our standard evacuation sledge.

One of the benefits of the bariatric sledge is that the dual layer foam is widened to accommodate the larger person.

The dual core foam is made up of two separate specifications, the base layer being a heavy duty construction to aid patients in transit on uneven surfaces and stairs.

The layer surface foam is to comfort the patient in transit.

The webbing used runs the full length of the unit to aid in strength and mobility when moving the patient.

The webbing has a breaking strength of over 2 tonnes.

The evacuation sledge is stored in a heavy duty bag that can be hung on the wall.

Instructions are sewn to the outside of the bag.

Bariatric Evacuation sledge hangs on wall in pouch 100 cm wide 

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