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Care Sector Visual Communication Aid Book (CSB)
There is also a translation for 8 different European languages. Qty: 1

Care Sector Visual Communication Aid Book (CSB)

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Communication difficulties are common within the Care Sector.
The book has been thoughtfully designed for easy use, in a laminated format that is simple to keep clean.
The book is divided into four easy to navigate sections with clear concise images of day to day life or common scenarios.

How Do I Use This Book? There is a tick or a cross on the left page of each section to enable the user to express Yes or No to a question. By pointing discreetly at a picture it will help the user communicate their requirements. There are two white boards to write your own messages and a wipe clean clock face. The alphabet and numbers from 1-20 have been added for your convenience.  At the back of the book is a section with numbered labels, to enable you to put a word under each image. There is also a translation for 8 different European languages

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