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Drink-Rite 5cc insert/10cc insert x1 (OSFSA530)
This product is designed to help those post stroke. Qty 1

Drink-Rite 5cc insert/10cc insert x1 (OSFSA530)

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Why Drink-Rite is important..

Drink-Rite provides a controlled flow of fluid into the mouth. This is important, as some users will not be able to drink and swallow safely if there is too much fluid delivered. This often occurs after stroke or other head and neck issues.
The epiglottis helps protect the airway whilst swallowing and it may not respond as quickly after a stroke. Too much fluid in the mouth in the early stages of stroke recovery could be a problem as fluid may enter the airway (lungs).
With small amounts of fluid being delivered every time the Drink-Rite cup/beaker is tilted, it allows the user to take fluid carefully, reducing the risks of coughing and choking, thereby relieving the stress and discomfort when drinking.

Stage 1
Initially — the 5cc insert would be used. This is an effective and safe start — to encourage hydration. With the use of the 5cc insert — small but regular intakes of fluid can take place.

Stage 2
After the user has made progress in their rehabilitation a larger amount of fluid could be taken — this is facilitated by the 10cc insert.

Drink-Rite delivers the following benefits:

  • Specially designed to encourage safe delivery of fluids
  • Controlled flow, 5cc or 10cc every time
  • Clear cup/beaker - so you can see what is delivered
  • Wide handles to allow easy hold and grip
  • Smooth, no sharp edges, shaped for the lips
  • Spout shaped to encourage lip seal
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Bite-safe and shatter proof


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