Food Mould Silicone (PFM) Qty 1
All of our moulds come complete with lid. Qty 1

Food Mould Silicone (PFM) Qty 1


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Bring Food Back To Life.

For many people the very thought of puree food conjures up images of meals that are shapeless, tasteless, nutritionally deficient and visually unpalatable.

Indeed for many hospital patients and residents in aged care facilities around the world this scenario is all too real.

Fortunately by using our puree food moulds this no longer needs to be the case, with various benefits including:

  • Improved Meal Presentation.
  • Time Savings.
  • Cost Savings.
  • Greater Meal Variety.
  • Dining with Dignity.

All of our moulds come complete with lid.

Truly exceptional levels of customer service, the best I have experienced for many years. Very helpful staff made follow up calls
Susan Watson
Dear All, I am sad to have to inform you that our Company Chairman and owner will be retiring and our business will close on t
Jane Nathan