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Invacare - Dolomite Jazz 600 Walker (1507823)
Featuring a new slow down break. Qty: 1

Invacare - Dolomite Jazz 600 Walker (1507823)

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Dolomite JAZZ combines modern design features with exceptional functionality.  The  clever  cross  folding  design  mechanism  means  it  is quick  and  simple  to  fold  away  for  storage  or  transportation.  It  offers various height and handle adjustments combined with a built-in brake system  to  provide  stability,  comfort  and  safety  for  a  wide  range  of individuals.

Easy to operate, simple to store
Made   of   aluminium,   the   lightweight Dolomite JAZZ  folds  simply  into  a compact,  upright  position  allowing  for easy  storage.  The  spacious  basket  is made  of  a  durable  and  flexible  material that   folds   with   the   rollator.   It   offers an  easy  to  use  brake  system  that  is
integrated   into   the   frame   ensuring   a sleek and stylish design.

Adaptable to individual needs
Handles that  can  be  set  in  precisely  the  right position  to  suit  individual  needs.  The seat has been designed for comfort and a back support comes as standard. NeW!   Slow   Down   Brake   - a   safety feature that adds an adjustable resistance to one or both wheels as required. ke   - a   safety feature that adds an adjustable resistance to one or both wheels as required.

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