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IV Giving Set (4062981L)
Tubing length 180cm. Qty 1x10

IV Giving Set (4062981L)

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Sterile universal I.V. administration sets with air vent for pressure and gravity infusions.

Sharp piercing spike, easy penetration, simple piercing even of suspended containers, empties leaving no residue.

Bacteria proof venting, closable with Eurocap, green, convenient drip chamber design with highly transparent upper part.

Upper drip chamber part ideal for attachment of an infusion pump drip sensor.

Extended detached drip element provides even drop formation.

Flexible pumping chamber with high fluid level, rapid and easy adjustment of fluid level.

15 micro-metre filter protects against larger particles.

Roller clamp in DIN safety colour, orange, with piercing spike covering for safe disposal.

Pressure resistant to 4.5 bar, suitable for use with infusion pumps using 3 x 4.1mm tubing.

Lock fitting.

Tubing length 180cm

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