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Lilfix Panty Slips Extra Extra Large 1x5 (83434)
Designed to stay in place no matter what. Qty: 1x5

Lilfix Panty Slips Extra Extra Large 1x5 (83434)

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Lycra stretch pants are designed as a fixing mechanism to hold incontinence pads in place.
It is important to use the correct size pants to ensure best results.
We suggest these pants to be worn with the following products:

  • Classic form shaped pads
  • Supreme form shaped pads
  • Classic line midi and maxi pads

Lilfix Panty Slips - Small : 50-75cm Hip
Lilfix Panty Slips - Medium: 70-90cm Hip
Lilfix Panty Slips - Large: 85-110cm Hip
Lilfix Panty Slips - Extra Large: 105-130cm Hip
Lilfix Panty Slips - Extra Extra Large: 115-140cm Hip

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