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  • How are care homes coping without access to care professionals to help with essential care equipment assessments during lockdown?

    With care professionals unable to visit care homes at the moment due to lockdown, to undertake assessments and make recommendations to improve comfort, safety, independence and mobility of residents, Hcsuk are pleased to be able to add to our already extensive range of products and services to care homes, by offering you a remote equipment assessment service via our latest recruit to the business, Jan Kelly, who is a  Level 2 qualified SADL Trusted Assessor with many years’ experience working in the care industry, with well respected companies including Medequip.

    I asked Jan, in her vast experience, how this service can help care homes during this challenging time.

    By utilising my skills as a qualified Trusted Assessor to conduct remote assessments for equipment and aids to daily living in care home environments, I am able to help care providers:

    - Reduce unplanned hospital admissions,

    - Reduce the current wait time for an OT visit,

    - Improve the quality of care and experience for care home residents and...

    Increase staff confidence levels and assessment skills for nurses in care home settings.’

    In normal circumstances, an assessment would require a care professional to attend in person and interact with a resident and staff both verbally and physically. In the absence of this being achievable, currently, we are able to assist with remote assessments to get as much information as possible to make an educated decision that leads to prompt care and the best outcome for the resident.

    Jan went on to say:

    ‘I am able to assess residents remotely, working in conjunction with the resident and care home staff communicating in real time between ourselves .

    Although such consultations can be done by telephone, in many cases, video provides additional visual cues and therapeutic presence, so by using technology, including Zoom or WhatsApp we can work together to achieve improved resident outcomes.’

    Being able to see residents in their environment is paramount, as it provides additional information to what is being communicated verbally and can give me clues which may not be verbalised by the resident or noticed by the care staff.

    Regardless of the ability to obtain a visual assessment, verbalisation and talking to the resident and carers can provide additional valuable information. Having both verbal and visual abilities exponentially increases information, but this is not always feasible.

    We are hearing from care providers that in the current crisis there is a lack of availability of care professionals to undertake assessments even when residents conditions are deteriorating. This can lead to avoidable unplanned hospital admissions which can be confusing and unsettling for residents who are often frail and potentially lead to further deterioration in their condition.

    By undertaking remote assessments we hope to reduce unplanned admissions, reduce the current wait time for a professional’s visit, improve the quality of care and experience for the care home resident and increase staff confidence levels and assessment skills for nurses in the care home setting.


    If Jan can help you with any remote assessments or queries or challenges you may be having with  seating, moving and handling, pressure area care or any other area to help improve the safety, comfort, and independence of any of your residents at this time, then please don’t hesitate to contact Jan on 07968 994660 or email her at [email protected]

  • Good news on PPE! And how Hcsuk is monitoring stock levels of essential products to help fight COVID-19

    Some good news at last for social care this week, that temporary VAT zero rating for Personal Protective Equipment has been agreed to aid sectors that cannot recover VAT on such goods due to their VAT exempt status. This will help care homes, to relieve the burden of VAT on the price of purchasing PPE used for protection from coronavirus by front line workers.
    This measure is effective from May 1st – July 31st 2020 .

    Products covered by the zero rate include:

    • disposable gloves
    • disposable plastic aprons
    • disposable fluid-resistant coveralls or gowns
    • surgical masks – including fluid-resistant type IIR surgical masks
    • filtering face piece respirators
    • eye and face protection – including single or reusable full face visors or goggles

    Full details can be viewed at:

    As PPE as well as other products continue to remain a hot topic in the news, we receive many calls from customers wanting to check on our stock levels and supply chains of vital products. As a result, we thought we would take the opportunity in this week’s blog to update you with where we are with our stock levels and what we do have to offer you to help you to protect your staff and residents during the COVID-19 epidemic.

    Please be assured of our continued integrity throughout these unprecedented times, that we are working in partnership with our suppliers and have made a commitment to them that we will only supply essential items of PPE to front line care workers and that we will not artificially inflate any of our pricing.

    Disposable Gloves
    We are currently continuing to receive ‘business as usual’  monthly stock levels on our medial grade vinyl gloves, and we continue to manage our stock by  prioritising our existing customers requirements exclusively. You may notice we have disabled certain products on our website, this is to protect certain lines to ensure we have sufficient stock available for our loyal and existing customers.

    The supply of nitrile gloves continues to be a challenge and at the moment we are being conditioned that this may not change until July.

    Disposable Aprons
    The supply chain on disposable aprons is quite challenging at the moment with our regular supplier quoting us dates in July for our next shipment, and we are getting close to exhausting our current stock levels.

    We are following up some potential supply opportunities, and whilst we remain hopeful that we will be able to obtain additional stock in the coming weeks, we would always also want to remain transparent with our customers and not promise something we can’t deliver on. So we will keep you updated as and when we have more news on stock availability of these items.

    Face Masks
    We are continuing to promote our alternative UK manufactured non-disposable respirator face masks which are now in stock and available for delivery.

    The manufacturers have put a lot of thought into the design, functionality and safety of this mask to ensure it is:

    • lightweight and comfortable for the wearer
    • meets infection control protocols and being
    • is effective against both droplets and airborne particles
    • superior in quality to the surgeons masks and
    • giving peace of mind to both staff and providers that they are getting enhanced protection.

    Eye Protection

    We have secured a credible supply of CE marked disposable lightweight face shield with soft elasticated strap and an anti-fog coating which protects the face and eyes from splashing or spraying of infectious or hazardous substances.

    The disposable face shields are manufactured from optically clear polyester for maximum visibility, whilst the soft elastic strap and PU foam headband provide additional, long-term comfort and durability.

    The product can be worn with or without additional face protection, such as prescription or protective eyewear and face masks.

    Key Features

    • Anti-fog protection
    • Optically clear visor for maximum visibility
    • PU foam headband for long-term comfort
    • Soft elasticated strap
    • Lightweight design
    • Protects the face and eyes from splashing or spraying
    • Can be worn with or without eyewear protection and face masks
    • CE Marked

    Hand Hygiene

    Effective hand cleansing is still classed as the best first line of defence against coronavirus and we are now receiving regular deliveries again of our best selling Cutan Foaming Soap and the 1 Litre dispensers for safe dispensing.

    Hand Sanitising with an alcohol based sanitiser ( with a minimum of 60% alcohol as an active ingredient, compliant with BE EN 1500:2013) will kill germs and provide a high level of skin disinfection on visible clean hands.

    We now have good stock levels of  Sterile 73% Alcohol based Gel Sanitiser available in 12x500ML bottles.

    A quick acting, non-tainting food safe alcohol hand rub approved to both BS EN 1500 and BS EN 2176, Sterile is suitable for frequent use in medical and care service applications and is effective against a wide range of common organisms.

    Built in skin conditioners prevent drying of skin whilst not leaving any sticky residue.

    Proven to kill Influenza Type A Flu Virus Effective against Avian and Swine flu viruses Kills 99.999% of E-Coli and MRSA.

    Premium Red Soluble Strip Laundry Sacks

    Our premium quality laundry sacks offer a hygienic solution to handling soiled laundry and avoid double handling of dirty linen. They are designed with a special dissolving strip that dissolves when in contact with water.

    We have good stock levels of these available to purchase.

    New product! Orange heavy duty clinical waste sacks for safe infectious waste disposal.

    Using orange clinical waste sacks to dispose of your infectious waste ensures that you and your care facility complies with current best practice infection prevention and waste regulations.

    Customers have been requesting best practice advice and product solutions for the safe disposal of infectious waste so we have added this to our infection prevention range.


    Effective Surface Decontamination

    The Coronavirus is not currently available for commercial laboratories to test against so although we cannot give a definitive contact time and dilution rate, our surface disinfection product Selgiene Ultra Virucidal Cleaner has been assessed for virucidal activity following test methods such as BS EN 14476 and BS EN 14675. Results show they are effective against a range of viruses such as the H1N1 influenza virus, Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and the Ebola virus.

    We would therefore recommend using the below product for general disinfection in the infection prevention and control for the 2019-nCoV on frequently touched surfaces including hand rails, door handles, light switches etc.

    Product                       Concentration       Contact time
    Selgiene Ultra (5 litres)      1:10                    5 minutes
    Selgiene Ultra RTU              Neat                   5 minutes

    We have good stock levels of Selgiene Ultra available now to order.

    Where specific cases are suspected or identified we would recommend an additional step of applying 1000ppm bleach (after pre-cleaning with Selgiene). We advise the use of Selgiene for pre-cleaning to minimise the risk that the cleaning cloths become a source of cross contamination.


    To achieve 1000ppm bleach see below:

    Chlorine Tablets


    1 tablet in 1L water



    Contact time:

    15 minutes

    Please note, all of the products listed are subject to availability, we advise you to order any  stock you may need today to avoid disappointment.

    If you would like any more help or information regarding how to protect your  staff, residents and your home from Coronavirus please contact Hcsuk on 01773 713713 or email us at [email protected]




  • How Hcsuk Servicing is helping to keep care homes safe and compliant with LOLER testing of essential patient lifting equipment during COVID-19, in conjuction with latest HSE guidance

    The HSE has issued new guidance for care providers on LOLER testing during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) due to challenges faced by industry in meeting the requirements to complete statutory thorough examination and testing (TE&T) of equipment to meet duties under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

    They have identified four key issues which may cause difficulties in completing routine TE&T:

    • Reduced availability of engineers to complete TE&T due to sickness absence or self-isolation as a direct result of COVID-19

    • Owners of equipment (dutyholders) refusing access to premises for TE&T as they feel unable to accommodate visiting engineers while maintaining social distancing (SD) in the workplace

    • Refusal of engineers to enter a dutyholder’s premises to carry out TE&T due to concerns over social distancing arrangements being adequate

    • Equipment being unavailable for TE&T if a workplace or site is closed due to COVID-19 SD restrictions

    Effectively in these cases TE&T may not be taking place due to either unavailability of or unwillingness of competent persons to deliver the service, or due to dutyholder's inability or unwillingness to give access to the equipment for testing.

    CEO of the British Healthcare Trades Association, Simon Festing, has responded to concerns that health and care establishments are cancelling equipment maintenance visits; and that people may not receive the support they need for equipment in their own homes:

    “Inspection and testing of equipment such as hoists and bathlifts is necessary to ensure these items continue to be safe for use, as covered under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment (LOLER) Regulations 1998*.

    “If establishments are in lock-down, consideration should be given to whether the equipment can be brought to an outside location for testing and maintenance. If this is not possible, a risk assessment should be carried out, balancing the risk of allowing access to the equipment in situ and then cleaning and disinfecting, against the risk of the item failing if it is not taken out of use until inspection and testing can be carried out.

    “Service providers will need to exercise judgement to determine what would be classed as essential need based on a risk assessment around patient /client safety, especially where a home visit may be necessary to assess, install and service equipment.

    “Hospitals and care establishments will need to consider the wide range of equipment in use and ensure essential maintenance is carried out.  Access to deliver staff training on the safe operation of equipment may also be essential, especially if staff are being switched to roles they would not normally carry out.”

     *The Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER) Regulations 1998 also require that lifting equipment used at work is maintained, and a blanket lock down on maintenance may result in equipment that is used on a daily basis having to be taken out of use.’

    HSE states
    ‘Care providers are expected to make all reasonable efforts to arrange for TE&T to be carried out within statutory time limits. Equipment should only be used outside of its test regime, if the dutyholder can demonstrate that its use is critical and that it can still be operated safely. They may have additional concerns that as well as possible problems in the availability of a competent person to undertake the TE&T, the vulnerability of those they provide care for means that additional COVID19 infection measures need to be implemented. Before agreeing to give the competent person access, they should undertake a risk assessment to review if the TE&T could be undertaken in a way that managed the COVID-19 risk to those receiving care and the visitor to site.’

    Here at Hcsuk, we wanted to reassure you that our servicing division continues as usual, albeit with the following appropriate measures being put in place, to ensure that you can continue to operate your lifting equipment safely whilst remaining compliant and protecting your staff and residents at the same time:

    • All of our team members have undergone basic infection control and hand hygiene training
    • We are fully equipped with appropriate PPE, portable hand sanitisers and virucidal cleaner, and understand the relevance and correct use of them all.
    • We understand and comply with social distancing measures which have been introduced.
    • We are working with individual servicing customers to respect and comply with any specific requests to maintain hygiene and safety whilst on site at their premises.
    • We have issued additional items of uniform to allow for more frequent laundering to maintain optimum hygiene levels.
    • We have a range of  moving and handling equipment available for purchase to eliminate the need for testing, and retain those out of test for subsequent use once they can be cleaned and examined at a later date.
    • Where possible we encourage portable equipment and slings be cleaned appropriately and moved within the premises to a point where infection control and social distancing measures can be observed to allow our team to  complete thorough examinations, or it is exchanged with equipment that has been tested.
    • We maintain real time information on all of our servicing customers who have either suspected or confirmed COVID- 19 cases so we can be fully prepared and take extra precautions when attending these sites.

    We can also help you with conducting remote moving and handling assessments, at a time when we can’t visit you personally. Our new Business Development Manager Jan Kelly, is a qualified equipment assessor and moving and handling is one of her specialised areas.

    If you require any assistance please contact her on her mobile number 07968 994660 or email her at [email protected]

    If, for whatever reason, you are unable to have your equipment tested in a timely manner, these are the steps you need to take:

    • Any equipment that is not needed is clearly identified as being taken out of use until arrangements can be made for TE&T at a later date.
    • Individual risk assessments are completed for fixed lifting devices where access  cannot be arranged. This includes communication with the our servicing team about additional checks that could be undertaken to help reduce the risk to those being cared for and the staff. Equipment under these additional risk control measures need to be clearly marked, to ensure checks are undertaken and so the lack of TE&T can be remedied at the earliest opportunity (once current restrictions ease

    Care providers need to document all of these measures, their risk assessments, decision making processes including, where relevant, the factors considered to justify continued use of equipment.

    If you would like to talk to us further about any aspect of this article or to discuss how Hcsuk Servicing could benefit your organisation, then call Rachel TODAY on 01773 713713 or email her at [email protected]

  • Hcsuk helping you to achieve latest best practice guidance on mouthcare for resisents with COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19

    The importance of good oral care in care settings has been in the spotlight since NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) published guidance over 3 years ago, and this has now become a priority with the Care Quality Commission. There is mounting evidence that shows an association between poor oral hygiene and a wide variety of illnesses including Pneumonia.

    Therefore supporting mouthcare for residents who are unwell with COVID-19, or symptoms, is an important part of their overall patient care.

    Here at Hcsuk, we set out the latest best practice guidance from Public Health England and guide you through our fit for purpose oral care product range helping you to give your residents the best possible mouthcare to improve their health and wellbeing.

    If oral hygiene is neglected, residents’ mouths will rapidly become dry and sore. The aim of good mouthcare is to maintain oral cleanliness, prevent additional infection and reduce the likelihood of developing bacterial pneumonia.

    On admission, it is important to include an oral assessment for each resident in their care plan.

    When providing mouthcare for residents with COVID19 staff must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent contact and droplet transmission. This means wearing disposable gloves, plastic apron, eye protection and a fluid resistant face mask. Delivering mouthcare is not an aerosol generating procedure. However, the environment you are working in may require the use of enhanced PPE (e.g. if working where patients are ventilated.)

    Two additional really useful tools to have handy when delivering oral care are a pen torch to enable you to see properly what is happening inside your resident’s mouth (which can be a dark place) and also a Bedi Shield designed to help facilitate oral care with dignity and in a safe, efficient and unobtrusive manner.

    Mouthcare for non-ventilated residents

     • if residents are having oxygen via a face mask, check with the nurse in charge before removing this for the time needed to carry out mouthcare

     • assess your resident and consider if they can brush their own teeth, or if you need to help them to keep their mouth moist and clean

     • these residents are more likely to cough when performing mouth care, be gentle, stand to the side or behind them, take breaks to allow the patient to rest and swallow

     • if possible, sit your resident upright

    • if your resident has a dry mouth, encourage sips of fluid (unless nil by mouth), hydrate with a toothbrush or an oral swab dipped in water or apply available dry mouth gel to their tongue, inside of their cheeks and roof of their mouth using an oral cleanser

    • make sure your resident’s lips are kept moist with a nourishing lip balm particularly before cleaning

     • if your resident can brush their own teeth give them a soft, small headed toothbrush  with a smear of non-foaming toothpaste

    • do not use an electric toothbrush as this may cause droplets and splash

    • if your resident can spit, give them a disposable bowl to spit into

    • if your resident is unable to spit and bedside suction is available, and you are trained to use it, then use gentle oral suctioning to remove excess saliva and toothpaste

    • after brushing rinse their brush, and store with their toothpaste in a sealed named container

    • if a resident has false teeth (dentures) encourage them to remove these after meals to clean off debris with a toothbrush. Remove dentures at night and store dry, in a named denture pot.

    • residents may not wish to wear dentures when unwell and it is important that they are stored in a named denture pot to avoid them getting lost

    • if eating, encourage residents to have a few sips of water after meals to clear any left-over food from their mouth

    • if a resident is confused, refuses, or resists care, stop and try again later, remembering to record any non-compliance in their care plan.

    To try and help make life easier for you during what must be both an incredibly busy and stressful time for care managers we have put together a COVID-19 Complete Oral Care Solution Pack which contains everything you need, as described above to deliver effective oral care for your residents with COVID-19, or suspected COVID-19 in one hygienic and reusable plastic box.

    Explore the COVID-19 Complete Oral Care Solution Pack

    This guidance outlines mouthcare for adults and children with COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 who are non-ventilated and those having step down or end of life care.  

    If you would like any further information, assistance or samples of any of our oral care products included in this article, then please don’t hesitate to contact our Business Development Manager Jan Kelly on her mobile 07968 994660 or email her at [email protected]

  • How Hcsuk is sourcing quality and cost-effective PPE solutions

    I was recently approached, interviewed and filmed by Sky News on the extreme challenges facing the whole of the social care sector regarding adequate supplies and provision of PPE for frontline care workers: a subject that I know continues to make the headlines on a daily basis.

    We are assured by the Government that there is adequate PPE to go round for everyone and yet that is definitely not what I am hearing.  My experience is somewhat different; from reduced manufacturing capacity due to factories having been in lockdown, coupled with a huge spike in worldwide demand, NHS procuring our regularly ordered stocks of essential PPE, unscrupulous companies profiteering from this crisis with no due care to the quality of product they are supplying, suspicious certificates used as a basis for CE marking of PPE including FFP2 and 3 masks and eye protection to name but a few of the challenges we are currently facing.

    How do we know who we can trust?

    I hope that you know that here at Hcsuk, we are very particular about the quality, value and specification of products we are happy to recommend.

    In this current climate, I am offered disposable face masks and hand sanitisers by the pallet load, on a daily basis, by faceless contacts, at vastly inflated prices, origin unknown and available sometime in the future, as long as we pay up front in full, and forego any rights to cancel of return the orders.

    With regular reports on out of date, dirty masks which fail to meet quality standards and have questionable certification being delivered, this is not a risk I can take on behalf of my customers or my business.

    Only yesterday, I received this lovely feedback from one customer:

    ‘I completely agree with you and everything you do and 100% agree that we are lucky to have a supplier like you who is ethical and believes in quality’

    The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) posted the below information with regard to fake PPE products and the verification of Certificates and Declarations of Conformity:

    'The majority of certificates that we see are clearly not legitimate but there are occasions when documents have been forged and they have to be checked with Notified Bodies.

    If you are presented with certificates which you are unsure of you can check their authenticity through the following portals.

    We are constantly reporting the instances to Trading Standards and The Office for Product Safety and Standards and we will continue to do this. The COVID 19 crisis and the shortages have seen an incredible number of spurious offers from opportunist importers trying to take advantage. Don’t be caught out.'

    So, in the absence of any credible supplies of disposable face masks, we have decided to think outside of the box and source an alternative  face mask solution for our customers, which is manufactured in a UK factory with swift lead times.

    Through our membership of British Healthcare Trades Association, which operates under a strict code of conduct for fair trading, and is overseen by Trading Standards, I have made contact with a UK manufacturer of pressure relieving equipment, who, like so many have adapted their manufacturing activities to do their bit and help fight COVID-19 by manufacturing a non-disposable respirator mask.

    The manufacturers have put a lot of thought into the design, functionality and safety of this mask to ensure it is lightweight and comfortable for the wearer whilst also meeting infection control protocols and being effective against both droplets and airborne particles, making it superior in quality to the surgeons masks and giving peace of mind to both staff and providers that they are getting enhanced protection.

    We have already had some very positive feedback on the masks, that they are very ‘lightweight and comfortable’ and that the staff feel ‘very safe and protected wearing them’

    They are currently in use in their thousand in NHS hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries and community councils.

    We already have an order placed with the manufacturer and will have stock in and available next week, so no long lead times prevail!

    Please know we are continuing to do everything in our power to source quality and affordable PPE solutions, I am spending the majority of my time on this mission to help keep our #carehome customers, #careworkers and #carehomeresidents safe and protected.

    If you would like any more information or to talk to someone regarding the respirator masks the please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01773 713713 or email us at [email protected]

  • Glorious Gardens - Grow Green Skills

    With the garden being one of the few places we are allowed to go at the moment it is important to make the most of this precious outdoor space wherever possible.

    It has been heartening to see photos of residents in some care homes out enjoying the recent sunshine and gardens.

    In these challenging times and while adhering to the essential government social distancing measures during the current coronavirus crisis, being outdoors has never seemed so important.

    It is literally a breath of fresh air to be able to venture outside, albeit while keeping to the advice of health officials and being close to nature provides a great boost to our wellbeing.

    During these testing times we all have to make the best of what we have access to and that could be everything from a window box, plants in pots to our own garden space.

    It is no surprise that currently one of the few reasons we can venture outside is for a daily exercise session because health officials recognise the benefits of being outdoors for mental health and wellbeing.

    An outdoor space or garden is proving to be a horticultural haven to many across the UK as we all try to get through the current COVID-19 situation together.

    April marks the arrival of annual gardening themed weeks including Community Garden Week and National Gardening Week aimed at encouraging everyone to grow green skills and enjoy being outdoors where possible.

    As well as the sights and smells our senses can experience in a garden there are also the soothing sounds of nature to enjoy including birdsong.  Why not encourage birds to your garden with a bird feeder or position one near a window so you can still enjoy being up close to nature.

    Make the most of your own garden or outdoor space and enjoy the power of nature which helps make people happy during such uncertain times.

    Here is a reminder of the amazing dementia garden I visited previously which was featured in one of my earlier blogs, guest-written by Amy Purser.

    Discovering a garden which helps people who live with a dementia 

  • Saying hello (from a safe distance!) to Jan, newest member of our Hcsuk family

    Finding good people to fit into our small and close-knit Hcsuk team, who share our family values, passion and commitment to our customers can for us, as for all businesses, be challenging. This is particularly with regard to the very important role of taking care of you, our valued customers, building the trust in our relationships and working with you to help and support you in whichever ways we can.

    We have had a vacancy for the position of Business Development Manager since last September, and we have been working hard in the background on recruitment, whilst taking our time and enlisting outside help on this occasion, to ensure that we found the right candidate who shared our passion for making a difference.

    So, we are delighted to announce that Jan Kelly joined the business last Monday to take on this exciting role with us.

    Jan has a wealth of experience working In the care sector, having worked for Medequip, Essential Healthcare and Wallace Cameron, giving her a broad knowledge of both independent living equipment, first aid and consumables too. Jan’s key areas of specialty are pressure area care, moving and handling as well as specialist seating. On top of this, Jan is a qualified equipment assessor which we felt would help to add value to our customers, when looking for advice, guidance and support for specific residents needs

    Jan also first qualified as an electrical engineer with Ford Motor company and has used those skills to transfer and work in a business servicing, maintaining and repairing care home equipment, helping to both expand the business but also working on the tools!

    We asked Jan, what it was that attracted her to work with us here at Hcsuk and particularly in this role and this is what she said:

    "When I saw this job advertised with Hcsuk, I knew I had to apply for the position. My ideal job was there staring at me, it’s what I do and I have done for many years I make people smile and for me there is nothing more gratifying than giving people I work with the ability to sleep, eat, drink, walk, talk or sit in the manner they want and deserve".

    "Care homes are the lifeblood of our elder generation and those less able bodied, but sometimes they need assistance to gauge the right solution and the right piece of equipment which gives their residents independence whilst aligning to the safety and infection control protocols the homes have in place and need to adhere to".

    "As a Level 2 Trusted Assessor, with a background in Engineering and Community Equipment Provision, as well as being trained by some of our most influential suppliers. I conduct concise assessments to ascertain what equipment would or could be used, and sometimes with a little imagination we can adapt equipment to suit individual needs".

    "Hcsuk is a fantastic company to work for, and we all share the same goals, to give our customers the right advice, the right solution and always with integrity. We never overpromise, but treat all customers as they should be treated with honesty and reliability. For me this made the decision to join very easy and I look forward to being part of the team as well as bringing some smiles along the way".

    When Jan’s not at work she loves walking her 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Dexter and Ellie, enjoys spending time with her cat Flora, as well as supporting Liverpool Football Club, shopping and the odd glass of Prosecco! Who doesn’t frankly?

    Jan joins us at a time when sadly she won't be able to meet you all face to face for a while, but is available on the phone if you need any help or assistance on 07968 994660 and will be in touch to introduce herself to you personally in her own unique style. (Look out for the postie!)

    We warmly welcome Jan into our Hcsuk family and look forward to seeing her bloom and flourish in her new role.

    If there is anything Jan can assist you with anything immediately then please don’t hesitate to contact her on 07968 994669 or by email [email protected]

    And don’t forget to look out for the post!

  • Stay Connected: The Importance Of Communication Through Isolation

    As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic takes hold, I wanted to express how essential it is that we stay connected whilst keeping ourselves and the people around us safe.

    Following government guidelines and the subsequent Coronavirus (COVID-19) action plan, the general public has now been asked to self-isolate. This means working from home, sacrificing our social lives and non-essential travel, as well as limiting our physical contact with each other.

    For most of us, self-isolation is something we’ve never had to consider and it’s important you follow the advice supplied by the NHS so you’re best equipped and informed.


    Let’s Stay Connected

    What I wanted to stress was the importance of staying in contact, as well as discuss how we can support each other and those most vulnerable during this tumultuous time.

    In particular, I wanted to shine a spotlight on the elderly and those most at risk. These are our families, friends and loved ones and it’s imperative that we’re doing everything we possibly can to ensure we reach out in some capacity.

    Self-quarantining can be a very lonely time and there’s several ways we can establish contact with our elderly population without putting them at risk:

    - Picking up the phone. A simple conversation can do wonders

    - Using communication platforms and video calling through Facetime, Skype, laptops and tablets

    - Writing and sending good old-fashioned letters – adds a personal touch

    - Create and send care packages – Containing food, gifts, basic essentials

    - Write postcards of Kindness (Age UK have demonstrated this wonderfully)

    At Hcsuk, we recently provided one of our customers with packs of our Hcsuk branded tissues for packs filled with lots of goodies they were making up for their residents’ relatives. Whilst a small gesture, it was our way of telling them that we’re thinking about them. It’s since had an overwhelming response and something we’re looking to continue doing.


    Looking After Your Health And Wellbeing

    As we start to self-isolate, it gets harder to maintain a daily routine, especially when we’re by ourselves. On top of staying in contact, it’s up to us to be creative as we try to live our lives as normally as possible.

    These are just a few suggestions I had:

    - Seated exercises – A dining chair without arms is ideal

    - Card games, board games, large print crosswords and sudoku puzzles to keep the mind stimulated

    - Use colouring books for mindfulness

    - Keep reading whether it’s a new novel or a past favourite

    - Make to-do lists so you feel like you’re accomplishing little jobs throughout the day

    As we all navigate these uncharted waters, it’s important that we stay positive, remain aware and stay informed. I urge you to make contact, keep in touch and do what you can to show someone you’re thinking about them.

    Reduce the risk, keep up the contact!

    At Hcsuk, we’re continuing to monitor the ongoing situation and are constantly reviewing measures to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of our team members, customers, staff and residents.

    If you would like any more help or information regarding how to protect your home from Coronavirus please contact Hcsuk on 01773 713713 or email us at [email protected]


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  • How Hcsuk are preventing a Coronavirus outbreak

    The health, safety and welfare of not only our own team members, but also, our customers, staff and residents remains a top priority for us here at Hcsuk. We are, therefore taking ‘sensible’ actions to prepare for and respond to the growing Coronavirus outbreak in the UK whilst maintaining our usual high levels of service.

    At the time of writing, we have had no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst any of our team. However, it is important that we are fully prepared in case the situation in the UK gets worse. As well as reinforcing good hygiene practices throughout the company, we have taken the following measures:

    • We have checked that neither our team members, their partners or dependants have been abroad recently to either a Category 1 or 2 country, as detailed on the NHS website. We will be monitoring holiday locations and the implications of foreign travel for the foreseeable future and assessing staff on their return.
    • We have asked all our field-based staff to immediately report any flu-like symptoms, and where appropriate we will send them home
    • We will work closely with our customers and be guided by their site rules and have instructed our field based staff to adhere to these guidelines when visiting their premises.

    Availability of certain products

    Please note that certain products are in high demand and whilst we are doing everything in our power to ensure our regular customers are given priority on the supply of regularly ordered products, we are somewhat at the mercy of our suppliers and manufacturers who are also trying their best to meet wider demands. We are here to discuss any concerns you may have on availability of products and will be doing what we can to recommend product alternatives where appropriate.

    What we ask of you

    We would ask you to contact us to advise us if you receive confirmation that you have an outbreak of COVID-19, so we can take any appropriate further measures necessary, or if you have any particular restrictions in place at your home which we should be aware of.

    We will be monitoring the ongoing situation and any changes regularly via the Department of Health and Public Health England's websites and will issue any revised information as deemed necessary.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above or you wish to raise any concerns about anything you feel we haven’t covered sufficiently on 01773 713713 or email us at [email protected]

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  • Hcsuk Introduces Innovative Flavoured Foams and Invites YOU to Take the Dementia Meal Time Challenge

    Across the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo at the NEC, Birmingham 17-18th March Hcsuk will be offering delegates a sensory experience at their stand D476. You will have the opportunity to engage all of your senses with our latest product innovations and demonstrations and taste our brand new intensely flavoured foams for yourself, which help stimulate sense of taste for residents with Dysphagia and at end of life.

    Take Our Dementia Meal Time Challenge to test your knowledge on how small tweaks and interventions can really enhance meal times for people living with Dementia. There are so many simple steps you can take to improve the meal time experience for your residents. All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw to win £500 worth of bespoke dining solutions for your Care Home. Hcsuk are your partner to help you deliver dignified dining for your residents.

    “Care managers and their teams do a fantastic job supporting residents and their loved ones. Everyone at Hscuk is passionate about offering our unique, holistic approach to care homes, of understanding your challenges, giving the latest best practice advice and advising on innovative, fit for purpose products solutions to help give you improved outcomes for your resident’s quality of life. We pride ourselves on helping care staff and making their lives easier and more enjoyable as well as the experience for their residents.” Jo Bonser, Managing Director, Hcsuk.

    Come to theatre 7 on day one (17th March) at 3pm to hear Jo Bonser, Managing Director of Hcsuk who has partnered with care homes for over 30 years, advise how Care Managers can support residents with Dementia to overcome eating difficulties and improve mealtime experiences.

    Please visit the sensory stand experience D476 #CareHome20 


    For more information, please contract Rachel Cliff, Business Support at Hcsuk on 01773 713713 or [email protected].

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