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Nursing home equipment servicing and maintenance

  • Introducing Our New Company Brand Video

    Recently we shot a company video to capture the essence of Hcsuk and our amazing team - the passion and the care and attention we take, and the pride we all have in the quality of our work and the outcomes we help our customers achieve.

    We are immensely proud of our 32-year business journey working in partnership with care homes providing them with fit for purpose product solutions, servicing their equipment, helping to train their teams and to make continuous improvements. Also, how we help those who care for loves ones at home to stay safe, independent and comfortable.

    We are blessed to have a fantastically committed team who repeatedly go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive what they need when they need it, and always with a smile. ?

    We love the fact that what we do makes a difference in peoples’ lives every day.

    We hope you will enjoy watching and seeing some of our faces behind the voices, and our unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to enable us to offer a fantastic customer experience.

    And hearing first hand what Anita, a customer of ours for over 30 years has to say about us too!

    Watch the video here

    Our Team Is Here To Help You!

    If you would like any further information on any of our services mentioned in our video, contact us here!

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  • How Our Servicing Superhero Phil Helped A Local Lady To Get Her 2 Mobility Scooters Back On The Road

    Field Service Engineer Phil Cotton Field Service Engineer Phil Cotton

    We love sharing some positive news, especially lately, when there is a bit of doom and gloom in the air. For many years our Hcsuk servicing team has not only been working with care providers, but we also provide servicing to our valued private customers, and recently our superhero, super blogger Service Engineer Phil, tells us in his own words how he came to the rescue of a lady with 2 broken scooters.’

    We received a call from a gentleman needing assistance with his elderly mother’s mobility scooters. This lady had just moved down from Scotland to live close to him in a housing community in our local town of Eastwood.

    On arrival, they were informed that if her mobility scooters hadn’t had a service inspection in the last 12 months then she wasn’t allowed to house them in the outdoor lock up garage, or even charge them up until they had a current service inspection.

    So, I was sent out forthwith to the rescue, to help get this lady’s scooters compliant, and more importantly to enable her to be mobile again in her new residence and town.

    This job was quite a challenging one due to the weather conditions on-site at the time, having to work outside in the freezing elements, howling wind of winter and a very restrictive work space within the garage lock up, to say the least. This, combined with the fact that one of the scooters had totally flat batteries and neither of them were of a young age shall we say….


    The flat batteries were put on charge in the garage whilst I gave the other scooter a good check over and inflated the pneumatic tyres etc and thankfully everything checked out okay on both of them. In the end, after final road tests were carried out, apart from me advising that the batteries on the second scooter may not last long after being fully charged, and therefore would need to be replaced, which we could gladly supply and fit if required, the job was complete.

    Following completion of the servicing, I went up to see the lady get the paperwork signed and handed over as usual. I advised her on best charging practices to help get the best out of battery packs on mobility equipment, which I always do as a matter of course. The lady was SO appreciative that she was now compliant and had regained her independence once again and could get out and about.


    It’s always a great feeling for me and gives me a real sense of job satisfaction when I come away from a job knowing that I’ve made a difference to someone who was being prevented from being mobile in their everyday lives.

    Great work from our Superhero Service Engineer Phil!

    If you would like to know more about our Servicing Superheroes can help you, you can download a copy of our latest Servicing guide, ‘Helping you to create safer environments’ here.

    Care Equipment Servicing and Maintenance Guide

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