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Do you know the true cost of your laundry operation? And how Hcsuk can help you to improve wash results and save money ..................

When was the last time you reviewed your laundry costings to assess how effectively and efficiently it is working for you?

And do you know how to do this accurately?

Do you know your ‘cost per wash cycle?’ which is the only effective way to correctly calculate the true cost.

Typically, what we find when we talk to our care home customers about their laundry is that they tend to focus on the cost per drum of product they are buying to get the ‘best deal’ on price.

What can sometimes get missed though is the concentration of the product and therefore how much volume is needed per wash cycle for that product to be effective, like the Fairy Liquid scenario where less is more.

Did you know that here at Hcsuk, we can offer you a FREE, No Obligation, Laundry Audit service?

Our unique and FREE LAUNDRY AUDIT service can give you an in depth review of your laundry’s performance and efficiency, including an accurate calculation of exactly how much each wash cycle is costing you - your true ‘cost per wash.’

Our laundry expert, Ken, who has over 20 years experience working in care home laundries will spend time with your laundry staff to understand the challenges they face and provide advice and solutions to help you to improve your systems.

And he will even do some washing for you too! ☺ giving you the opportunity to try out some of our unique and innovative laundry chemicals including our famous Supreme Fabric Softener featuring persistent fragrance technology, keeping your residents clothes and bedding smelling deliciously fragrant for up to 12 weeks. Also our fabulous Anti-bacterial Low Temperature Destainer which kills 99.999% germs in 5 minutes at 20oC.

The wash results always speak for themselves!

You will then receive a written proposal detailing our findings, recommendations and equivalent cost per wash comparison for your consideration.

How we helped one care home to save money on their laundry costs with a higher cost product.

One of our customers approached us for our laundry audit service because although they were buying their laundry products at a very low price they were conscious they weren’t getting satisfactory cleaning results.

Sheets and bedding was still stained after washing and they couldn’t get rid of the smell of urine. This was unpleasant for the residents and relatives were complaining at the poor standards, and they had hidden additional costs for labour, energy and water costs due to high numbers of rewashes.

During our survey, we found that their products were watered down and therefore higher volume of products were being dosed into each wash cycle to compensate for the low quality.

To give you an example,

The customer was having to dose 25-30 mls of laundry detergent per kilo of dry weight laundry( due to it being heavily diluted) into each wash cycle whereas our best selling Pearl 35 Laundry Detergent, (35% active) recommended dosage is 10-15 mls per kilo of dry laundry.

So, although the cost per drum of our competitors detergent looked lower than ours, in reality it was working out to be more expensive as they were having to use up to two and a half times as much product per cycle which increases the ‘cost per wash’ making it completely false economy.

We presented these finding to our customer and needless to say they moved onto our laundry products, enjoying free on loan state of the art auto-dosing equipment, regular 6 monthly engineer calls to check and service the equipment and very quickly fed back to us that they were getting very positive feedback from both residents and their relatives about the improves standards, quality and beautiful smelling laundry.

And they were saving money as well!

If you would like more information on our FREE LAUNDRY AUDIT service, or to book your audit today, please contact [email protected] or call us on 01773 713713.

What have you got to lose?

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