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Glorious Gardens - Grow Green Skills

With the garden being one of the few places we are allowed to go at the moment it is important to make the most of this precious outdoor space wherever possible.

It has been heartening to see photos of residents in some care homes out enjoying the recent sunshine and gardens.

In these challenging times and while adhering to the essential government social distancing measures during the current coronavirus crisis, being outdoors has never seemed so important.

It is literally a breath of fresh air to be able to venture outside, albeit while keeping to the advice of health officials and being close to nature provides a great boost to our wellbeing.

During these testing times we all have to make the best of what we have access to and that could be everything from a window box, plants in pots to our own garden space.

It is no surprise that currently one of the few reasons we can venture outside is for a daily exercise session because health officials recognise the benefits of being outdoors for mental health and wellbeing.

An outdoor space or garden is proving to be a horticultural haven to many across the UK as we all try to get through the current COVID-19 situation together.

April marks the arrival of annual gardening themed weeks including Community Garden Week and National Gardening Week aimed at encouraging everyone to grow green skills and enjoy being outdoors where possible.

As well as the sights and smells our senses can experience in a garden there are also the soothing sounds of nature to enjoy including birdsong.  Why not encourage birds to your garden with a bird feeder or position one near a window so you can still enjoy being up close to nature.

Make the most of your own garden or outdoor space and enjoy the power of nature which helps make people happy during such uncertain times.

Here is a reminder of the amazing dementia garden I visited previously which was featured in one of my earlier blogs, guest-written by Amy Purser.

Discovering a garden which helps people who live with a dementia 

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