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How does your pureed food shape up?

Food matters, and the quality and presentation of food served to ladies and gents in care homes, REALLY matters. If residents are well fed, with nutritious and appetising meals that are served to them in a dignified way, they will eat more, improving their nutrition levels and overall wellbeing and reducing food wastage.

If you've not seen our announcement earlier this week, we are delighted to be hosting the second workshop titled
'How to improve the presentation of puréed meals' to help chefs and care home managers understand the process of how food moulds should be used to recreate the shapes of meals and to help their residents enjoy a more dignified mealtime experience.

The first workshop proved to be a huge success with chefs really taking on board how the moulds can help people. Peter Radford, who recently featured in a local news piece was one of those chefs.

Peter has been working in care catering for 7 years, having previously run multiple businesses. When his dad passed away the business was sold and he decided to go into Care Home Catering. Peter fell in love with the care environment and the residents he caters for, catering for people properly with complex needs. He joined the first workshop 3 years ago which led to him embracing enhanced pureed food presentation.

What changes could you make to your residents lives by taking part in the next workshop on April 25th?

Register now by emailing [email protected] with the subject line "pureed food workshop", we look forward to seeing you there!

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