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How to ensure that every mouthful of food stays hot, delicious and enjoyable for the people you support who eat slowly.

Do you know anyone who enjoys eating food that’s gone cold?

What would you do if your food was served cold? You would send it back if you were in a restaurant or reheat it if you were at home. If it was really cold you might lose your appetite and give up on the idea of eating it at all.

What if, due to a physical or cognitive condition, it takes you longer to eat your meals?

You may forget to eat without regular prompts, perhaps you struggle to load food onto your cutlery due to failing eyesight or motor difficulties. Maybe you need assistance at meal times and staff are busy trying to serve meals to others too.

I could continue but I hope you get my point.

There are many reasons why some people take longer to eat their meals than others; the result is that their food goes cold. For food safety, food can only be reheated once.

Many residents in care homes who are slow eaters are either malnourished or are at an increased risk of malnutrition because they lose interest and give up eating their meals once they go cold.

cold food, care, is it good enough for mum? #ifitsnotgoodenouhgformum



I ask again – would you continue to eat a meal which has gone cold? Would you consider that okay for your loved one? Personally, I always work on the principle “Would this be good enough for my mum?” and if the answer is no, then why would it be good enough for those who are in care?


But what if I told you that I had a solution for you? Tried and tested with my own Mum living at home aged 96 with Vascular Dementia, to help your slow eaters to enjoy their meals to the very last bite – still warm and that this would lead to:


  • Improving their nutrition levels
  • Increasing their dignity and enjoyment at meal times
  • Reducing their risk of infection and pressure ulcers
  • Saving valuable nursing time
  • Gaining better quality of life and well being


This could be a game-changer, right? Our new, stylish and functional “Keep Warm” plate and bowl have been designed with just this one thing in mind


Keep it warm plate Ornamin Keep Warm Plate
A specially designed plate that helps keep food warmer for longer Ornamin Keep Warm Bowl

For optimising residents’ enjoyment of hot food for longer – they have a thermal function

For ease of use - they are designed with a base which can be easily filled with hot or cold water or crushed ice for keeping hot meals hot or cold desserts and ice cream cold.

For safety – they have non slip grip pads which ensure a safe hold of the plate or bowl and provide seals for the thermal function.

To promote independent eating  - there is a non slip ring on the base to help keep a firm stance and prevent the plate/bowl from moving around whilst eating

For durability and longevity they are manufactured from quality break resistant BPA free plastic

For ultimate cleanliness and hygiene – they are dishwasher safe


Most importantly they are designed to help people who take longer to eat their meals to be able to enjoy their meals again, HOT! And make them happy with better overall health and wellbeing.

To learn more about how to help support your residents to eat and drink independently, head over to our website www.hcsuk.co.uk or email us at [email protected] and order your free copy of our new and innovative Dignified Dining Solutions Guide to help people with a Dementia to eat better.

Dignified dinging for all gives residents a better chance to eat warm food and maintain better health. Dignified dining has lots of health benefits.




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