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If you have ever had a sling condemned due to faded labelling you need to read this!

Every year, hundreds of perfectly safe patient handling slings in care homes across the UK are condemned after failing LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) tests.

And the reason?

Printed sling specification labels fade in the wash, are illegible and are therefore considered to be unsafe for working use and have to be discarded which can be a waste of valuable resources. All sling and textile patient transfer devices with printed labels are at risk of being condemned as they have a limited lifetime, which ultimately limits the lifetime of your product.


Faded labels lead to condemned tools and equipment. Faded labels like this one can lead to otherwise perfectly good equipment being condemned.

As a trusted partner of Joenrs Healthcare, manufacturers of patient slings since 1993, Hcsuk are excited to be stocking and supplying a new high quality sling range which are built to last, and that solve the faded label challenge.

Rather than being ink printed, specification labels on these slings are woven and this stitched design ensures that important details on the label never wash out. Even under the toughest high temperature laundering regime, the woven label will not be at risk of fading, like its printed counterpart, thereby extending the life expectancy of your product and saving on your equipment replacement costs.

A woven label that won't fade in the wash. Front side of one of the woven labels showing how it won't fade.

These woven labels include the following information:

  • Service specification
  • Safe working load
  • Serial number
  • Identity drawings for ease of use
  • Size guide for instant visual recognition
  • Washing instructions

So instead of as a result of a LOLER inspection, a devise being condemned due to a faded label through laundering, all of our Oxford slings are now manufactured with a woven service label and serial number as standard, thereby;

  • REDUCING your frustration!
  • SAVING on equipment replacement costs
  • IMPROVING cost in use of equipment
  • INCREASING compliance


Quality slings with woven labels brought to you by Hcsuk

  • Durable anti-fade labels
  • Quality UK manufacturing

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