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Order Your Food Moulds for Tasty Suppers!

A plate of food that has been prepared using the food moulds.

Did you know that Tuesday 27th November is Tasty Suppers day? Are you ready to help those in your care eat more, eat with more dignity and have a happier dining experience?

Tasty Suppers day is a focus day, brought to us all by the team behind Nutrition and Hydration week, to remind us of the importance of those two very things.

If you've been dealing with us for a while, you'll know just how passionate we are about helping people to dine with dignity and how this plays into meaningful results for people's health such as weight gain and better nutrition levels. This is in no small part down to our MD, Jo Bonser, and her very personal experience of helping her Mum to have a more dignified meal time.

Thanks to Jo's resourcefulness and expertise, she was able to put in place some small but significant changes to her Mum's meal time experience.

With that in mind, we're going to be adding something to all orders for a full set of ourFood Moulds, our Dignified Dining Solutions Guide. This is a 34 page guide featuring the products and solutions that Jo used for her Mum, plus a range of other products that can help. This guide is worth its weight in gold, or for the small price of £5.99 but if you order any of the food moulds between now and the end of November, we will give you the guide FREE.

The guide is, we believe, the only one of its kind, created with the sole aim of helping people to eat better which in turn increases their nutrition levels and quality of life. To get your hands on one for FREE place an order for a full set of food moulds now!

Order NOW at hcsuk.co.uk, on [email protected] or by calling 01773 713 713

A selection of the modifice cutlery, plates and place settings we stock to help those with a dementia to dine with dignity. 
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