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Outstanding Oral Care

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were not able to have a clean, fresh mouth? Or to be in constant pain from ulcers? In our constant drive to offer you safe and fit for purpose tools to help you care  for the people you support, we are delighted to offer you our new and totally unique Oral Care Solution Pack, providing answers to some of your most common oral health challenges.


This  comprehensive kit comes complete with a range of essential tools required to provide effective oral care including a handy oral hygiene management guide to give you the knowledge and confidence to take care of your residents.


There are two kits to choose from, one including a  dry mouth gel and a non-foaming toothpaste, and one without.  Please do give us your feedback on the kits when you’ve used them as we love to know what we can improve and how these products have helped the people you support.


You can order the kits on the website now here -




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