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Providing ultimate seating comfort for your ladies and gents Part 2

Today we're brining you part two of our coverage of the NEW Boston tilt-in-space porter chair. You can read part 1 here. 

When you break it down there are just a few things we really want to help our loved ones and those ladies and gents we support to achieve. Two of those are that they we are able to help them to be as comfortable and safe as is possible, whether that be in bed at night or sitting out in a chair during the day.

We are therefore, very excited to be able to show you our new Boston Tilt in Space porter chair, as it has been really well received, particularly by occupational therapists and care professionals. Predominantly because it is sooo comfortable for users and it has been described as like sitting in a cloud! This has just been added to our existing specialist seating solutions range.

It has a really incredibly comfortable double lateral back support – just one of the 8 different interchangeable posture supporting back cushions available. Which means you can purchase one or more backs to support the range of needs of the individuals who may use the chair. For ease of cleaning and replacement, all back cushions and covers are fully removable and all fibre filled cushiness can be adjusted with additional filling for the user’s comfort.

The easy to grip wing handles provide a sturdy and comfortable hold which OT’s particularly love because it makes the chair really easy to push and manoeuvre even when an individual is in a fully reclined position. You can achieve really high levels of leg elevation with the adjustable height leg rest. Supporting good positioning of the legs – the long and gentle profile leg rest is specifically designed to prevent the legs from slipping from the rest and reduces the risks associated with individuals crossing their legs.

The Boston Tilt-in-space Porter Chair.

The height and angle adjustable footplate provides a range of support positions and helps maintain foot position for users with foot drop and accommodates fixed flexion. The footplate can be removed or flipped up to allow uninterrupted access with a hoist. A footrest pad is also available to provide the user with a softer and deeper cushion support.

Here's how Jo felt when she sat in the chair

 "You really do feel like you’re sinking into a cloud as it feels so comfortable, this is helped by a single, full, removable chaise cover over the whole of the seat which is attached to the seat and removes any pinch points helping to provide deep comfort for all parts of the body in contact with the chair. So you can see the incredible range of movement here. Although I’m in the reverse trendelenburg position, I do still feel very comfortable, secure and safe."

The back rest can be independently reclined providing a range of back angles from 108-165 degrees which combined with the movements of the independent leg rest and footplate adjustments enhances posture and pressure management positioning.

You can choose from 6 different pressure management seat cushions which are available to suit individual needs, from low to high risk, incorporating various foams, gels and air cells and with these we recommend a fabric with 4 way stretch properties to aid the reduction in shear and friction.

The Boston is available in both a manual and an electric version, which comes with a rechargeable battery system for mains free use .It comes in 3 sizes, small (18” seat), medium (20” seat) and large( 22” seat). It has a weight limit of up to 20stone and has a 2 year warranty on mechanisms, frame and upholstery.

You can read more about the chair in part one of the blog series.

If you would like more information on our Boston chair, would like a demonstration or to sit in it to experience what your residents could be benefitting from , please call on 01773 713713 or email at [email protected] to arrange an appointment.

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