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Providing ultimate seating comfort for your ladies and gents Part 1

When you break it down there are just a few things we really want to help our loved ones and those ladies and gents we support to achieve. Two of those are that they we are able to help them to be as comfortable and safe as is possible, whether that be in bed at night or sitting out in a chair during the day.

We are therefore, very excited to be able to show you our new Boston Tilt in Space porter chair, as it has been really well received, particularly by occupational therapists and care professionals. Predominantly because it is sooo comfortable for users and it has been described as like sitting in a cloud! This has just been added to our existing specialist seating solutions range.

The Boston has a unique combination of Tilt in Space and independently controlled back recline and leg elevation, to enable carers to constantly adjust users’ positions to help redistribute pressure, support improved posture and provide all day comfort.

One of the first things to note is that Tilt in Space mechanism which means that the chair can be gently tilted in a range of positions, whilst always ensuring that a constant back angle is maintained as the chair moves through the tilt position options. This helps to prevent shearing to the back and bottom. A chair like this, with Tilt in Space recline movement can provide some key advantages to support the care of individuals:

  • It can be specified as part of a 24 hour postural management programme with a wide range of positions
  • It is ideal for those who are unable to independently manoeuvre their weight to relieve pressure build up
  • The assisted tilt in space movement reduces the risk of skin breakdown due to poor skin integrity, high pressure risk or poor circulation.
  • It can help to support people who have swallowing difficulties by allowing them to be optimally positioned so that food can be swallowed, for example individuals with neurological conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease.
  • It can also be very useful for those with low blood pressure to alter their position to reduce the impact of changes in pressure ie postural hypertension.
The Boston Tile-in-space Porter Chair.

You can read more about the chair in part 2 of this blog series.

If you would like more information on our Boston chair, would like a demonstration or to sit in it to experience what your residents could be benefitting from , please call on 01773 713713 or email at [email protected] to arrange an appointment.

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