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Our Servicing Super Heroes Come To The Rescue Again!

Our servicing superheroes Phil and Rachel recently came to the rescue of one of our valued customers, when his rise and recline chair stopped working and due to their speedy and efficient teamwork, were able to get it back up and running the very same day! Needless to say our customer was delighted and sent us this lovely testimonial and a box of chocolates to say thanks!

To Phil & Rachel, thank you to you both for coming to our rescue. We are relieved that the chair could be revived and we can enjoy some socially distancing fresh air together. Phil - you are no.1 in our eyes, nothing is too much trouble and you check everything to such a high standard. Thank you both! – LR

Our intrepid engineer Phil, tells us the story:

We had an urgent call out from our customer L, whose husband  A’s rise and recline chair had developed an issue when reclining.  At the time, A was reliant on his chair due to a leg injury he’d sustained following a nasty fall, and was having continuous nursing home visits to keep infection under control.  He really needed the use of his chair to aid his recovery,  to raise his lower body up to help alleviate the pressures of the injury and to help him relax during his day-to-day living at home.

As a company, we were already familiar with the couple, due to me having serviced his rise and recline chair and also his power chair, with the previous company that I worked for, and they were more than happy that I’d joined Hcsuk, as we are local to them and they already were customers for other independent living aids they needed.

On arrival I found A seated on a low sofa with his leg up which wasn’t ideal at all, so it was imperative that the chair was either, at best repaired, or replaced as fast as possible, due to his needs.

I proceeded to test all the chair functions and it transpired that the main lifting actuator lower mounting lug had sheared out of its socket and was irreparable.  We discussed the possible options of either:

  1. sourcing a replacement actuator or
  2. a new replacement chair, which would have had to been a made to measure, due to A’s needs and which would have taken up to 8 weeks to be manufactured, which could have been detrimental to A’s recovery process.

So we decided that the first plan of attack for speed of getting A back into his chair to aid with his continuing recovery, would be a replacement actuator. This would be a more cost-effective solution for our valued customer, which is a priority for us as a company -  to always aim to get the best possible outcome for our customer with the most financially viable cost and timeframe option for all concerned especially in these circumstances.

A call into the office to check stock availability resulted in discovering we had a replacement actuator in stock, which was very fortuitous indeed and enabled me to go back out to our customer that same day to get A’s chair fully working, installing the actuator and then testing all the other chair functions, frame and fittings to check they were all in safe working order.

Personally, I got great job satisfaction knowing that I’d been able to assist L and A in a swift and efficient repair service and more importantly, we as a company had saved them from having to dig deep financially to replace the chair with a new one.

I left the couple with A back in his trusty chair and them both very happy with a job speedily done and they said they’d be in touch come the time a new chair was being considered.

All in all, a great conclusion.

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I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for an excellent service we received when we had our hoist, hoist slings and weight chair scales serviced. The gentleman who came was very polite and friendly with a professional manner. The reason we choose HCSuk is that we have always received excellent service from you and always received a friendly response when we contact any member of your team.

Stanton Manor Residential Home Manager

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