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Stay Connected: The Importance Of Communication Through Isolation

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic takes hold, I wanted to express how essential it is that we stay connected whilst keeping ourselves and the people around us safe.

Following government guidelines and the subsequent Coronavirus (COVID-19) action plan, the general public has now been asked to self-isolate. This means working from home, sacrificing our social lives and non-essential travel, as well as limiting our physical contact with each other.

For most of us, self-isolation is something we’ve never had to consider and it’s important you follow the advice supplied by the NHS so you’re best equipped and informed.


Let’s Stay Connected

What I wanted to stress was the importance of staying in contact, as well as discuss how we can support each other and those most vulnerable during this tumultuous time.

In particular, I wanted to shine a spotlight on the elderly and those most at risk. These are our families, friends and loved ones and it’s imperative that we’re doing everything we possibly can to ensure we reach out in some capacity.

Self-quarantining can be a very lonely time and there’s several ways we can establish contact with our elderly population without putting them at risk:

- Picking up the phone. A simple conversation can do wonders

- Using communication platforms and video calling through Facetime, Skype, laptops and tablets

- Writing and sending good old-fashioned letters – adds a personal touch

- Create and send care packages – Containing food, gifts, basic essentials

- Write postcards of Kindness (Age UK have demonstrated this wonderfully)

At Hcsuk, we recently provided one of our customers with packs of our Hcsuk branded tissues for packs filled with lots of goodies they were making up for their residents’ relatives. Whilst a small gesture, it was our way of telling them that we’re thinking about them. It’s since had an overwhelming response and something we’re looking to continue doing.


Looking After Your Health And Wellbeing

As we start to self-isolate, it gets harder to maintain a daily routine, especially when we’re by ourselves. On top of staying in contact, it’s up to us to be creative as we try to live our lives as normally as possible.

These are just a few suggestions I had:

- Seated exercises – A dining chair without arms is ideal

- Card games, board games, large print crosswords and sudoku puzzles to keep the mind stimulated

- Use colouring books for mindfulness

- Keep reading whether it’s a new novel or a past favourite

- Make to-do lists so you feel like you’re accomplishing little jobs throughout the day

As we all navigate these uncharted waters, it’s important that we stay positive, remain aware and stay informed. I urge you to make contact, keep in touch and do what you can to show someone you’re thinking about them.

Reduce the risk, keep up the contact!

At Hcsuk, we’re continuing to monitor the ongoing situation and are constantly reviewing measures to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of our team members, customers, staff and residents.

If you would like any more help or information regarding how to protect your home from Coronavirus please contact Hcsuk on 01773 713713 or email us at [email protected]


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