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Superior Senses - How Engaging the Senses Can Help with Dementia Symptoms

As humans we are led through the world by our senses, our taste, smell, sight, hearing and sense of touch help us connect to the world around us. Often with the onset of dementia these senses can be dulled or conversely, over-stimulated but when they are used to reconnect to memories and past joys, then they help bypass the barriers created by dementia.

We're offering a little round up today of a few pieces we discussed last week, focussing on the senses and how engaging them can help break through the barriers put in place by dementia.

First up is this heart warming story about the power of music. In this video you can see (and probably feel) how much reconnecting with the sound of music and the feel of the piano helped this former jazz pianist.

Sensory stimulation has been shown to help lower levels of agitation and restlessness in people who have a dementia and this is just one of many examples where music has helped.


Secondly, we heard that a leisure centre not far from us has begun a swimming programme to help those who have a dementia.


Ripley Leisure Centre has just set up Dementia Friendly swimming, the first such sessions offered in Derbyshire. Swimming is a great example of engaging the senses, the feel of the water on the body and the noise of the pool.

Here's what the leisure centre say -

"Dementia Friendly swimming sessions are held on a Wednesday between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. cost of £3 carers can swim for free. If you’re living with dementia, or care for someone who does, come and try one of our new Dementia Friendly swimming sessions. With accessible equipment and facilities, and assistance from specially trained staff, you can relax and enjoy your swim in a safe and supportive environment.

For further information or would just like to have a look at our facilities at Ripley Leisure Centre, call 01773 514 727 or email [email protected]"

We wish them every success with this new activity and hope that it sets the trend for more in the area!

And then finally, at the end of the week, Jo was sent this feedback for the recently launched Dignified Dining Solutions Guide -

Well done Jo what a wonderful thing to do to produce a guide to help people with a Dementia to eat better. I have known and worked with your company for many years and you not only provide the care sector with great products and a second to none service but you also give something back to help us give our clients a better quality of life and here is another example of that. I can't recommend your company and products enough. Well done and keep up the good work xxxxx

We are exceedingly proud to receive such feedback as we are passionate about enabling people to live independently, safely and with dignity by advising on innovative product solutions in both care and domestic settings.

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