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The Healthcare Extreme Makeover - Home Edition!

We are delighted to bring you a project we're very proud to be helping on, the refurbishment of 18 rooms at Red Rose Care Home in Newark.

Red Rose Care have a history of achieving excellence and the newly refurbished rooms are adding to these high standards by offering end of life care facilities.

Sam Cobb, and Jill Sage, CEO, have embarked on a large project to update 18 of the rooms in the home to create an environment which is suitable for end of life care. End of life care is key to allowing people who are in the last months, or years of life, to continue to live that life with dignity, and indeed to die with dignity too.

The old rooms were small, enough room for one person to live well but not really to host family or friends who may visit. The new rooms are being created by knocking through old rooms, turning two into one, thus allowing much more space so that loved ones can stay over night if they wish. The plans also include a state-of-the-art bathroom to allow for relaxing water treatments for residents.

One of the old rooms with the bed to the side.
One of the old rooms with a chair for a guest and the resident's bed.
The communal dining room before the work began.

Here at Hcsuk we have been working closely with Sam to provide some of the vital equipment for this refurbishment including beds, mattresses, bedding and even tablecloths to dress the residents dining room.

Sam explains that Beckie has been really helpful, "I've called her up and said "I need this thingie-ma-bob" and she's known what I mean, ordered it and got it to me in great time."

Jill explained to us that the project has been going on much longer than anticipated but that this is in large part to the exacting standards they are requiring to ensure that the rooms are absolutely top of the line.

We're very excited to be part of this refurbishment and we will keep you informed of the progress! To view some of the products we've helped with, you can view our bed range. 

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