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Avoiding Bed Rail Entrapment

Bed rail entrapment is when a person is caught, trapped or entangled in the spaces in or about a bed rail, mattress or hospital/profiling bed frame and can result in serious injury or death.

Solving this problem to avoid patient chest, head or neck entrapment between bed frames, bed rails and mattresses is complex and so here we bring you a range of fit for purpose, industry-standard product solutions specifically to help you address and overcome the challenge of bed rail entrapment for the people you support.

Where bed rails are recommended, side and end mattress infills and cradles help reduce any gaps between the mattress and side rails, bed rail bumpers/protectors and head and footboard protectors can reduce the potential for limb entrapment in addition to preventing body to rail impact injuries, opting for profiling beds which meet British Standards gives you peace of main that bed rails meet standards for correct gap measurements and teaming them with compatible pressure relieving mattresses which fit correctly, eliminates any gaps between mattress and platform from day one. Also, our Sleep Safety System offers all-round high-performance protection to prevent limbs from falling through under the rails.


Regular maintenance of bed rails is also key and siderail slider systems ensure your bed rails stay securely fitted to your profiling beds.