Oralieve 360 Toothbrush


The 360 brush is a safe alternative to the foam sponges often used in hospital and residential care.
This brush was originally designed as a toothbrush but can be used for more than brushing teeth.
It can be used to massage dry mouth gel into the mouth as well as clean teeth with toothpaste.
The 360 toothbrush has bristles on all sides and is very soft, making it useful for cleaning the mouths of people with very sensitive mouths.

A new addition to oral care with a 360 degree bristled toothbrush designed to clean multiple mouth surfaces at once. Ideal for anyone with a dry mouth who finds a coating building up on the soft tissue in the mouth – i.e. cheek, tongue, floor and roof of the mouth.

5 Reasons to buy

  1. 360⁰ bristles to clean multiple surfaces of the mouth simultaneously
  2. A small head to get to hard to reach areas of the mouth
  3. Soft bristles to provide a gentle clean to sore or sensitive mouths
  4. Perfect for applying dry mouth gels and supplementing basic oral hygiene
  5. A safe alternative to foam sponges


Directions for use: Move the brush up and sown in the mouth like a standard toothbrush. Do not bite or chew the brush. Replace every 3 months or if the head is showing signs of wear or rotates.