Calendar Clock (FFCLO)


People who live with dementia, the elderly or visual impaired often lose the ability to recognize the time, day, date and month. As dementia progresses, routine and structure is imperative to everyday life. And so, without these time-telling skills, we can quickly become disorientated, anxious and confused. 

Our Calendar Clock with its large, uncluttered and logical, display face making it easy to locate, read and understand is designed for dementia care settings and has proved particularly valuable in Hospital environments and places with larger, open areas. 

5 Reasons to Buy a Calendar Clock 

  • Eases confusion and disorientation – the large display face makes it easy to locate, read and understand. 
  • Supports orientation to the correct time, day and month. 
  • Aids independence by supporting people to manage their daily routine.  
  • Increases confidence by helping people to be able to tell the time. 
  • Reduces anxiety and agitation by NOT displaying the year.  


  • Size: 432 x 432 x 100mm 
  • Weight: 3kg 
  • Warranty: 12 months 
  • Each Calendar Clock is Supplied individually boxed 
  • Runs on 3 x AA batteries – supplied and fitted 
  • The clock is set up and working when delivered