Care Home Fire Evacuation Grab Bag


Care home fire grab bag, sturdy material, designed for ease of use.

Bespoke Care Home Fire Evacuation Grab Bag – thoughtfully designed complete solution to assist your staff to evacuate your residents  safely in an emergency, and look after their health and wellbeing both during and after the process.

 Our Care Home Fire Evacuation Kit contains the following important items for you:

  • 20 x emergency insulated foil blankets – to wrap your residents in to keep them warm and protected from the wind to and help with any shock they may suffer.
  • 20 x disposable rain poncho – for your residents to wear to keep them dry in wet conditions
  • 100 x patient identification bracelets plus 1 x marker pen – to enable your staff to identify and account for all of your residents after evacuation
  • 1 x travel First Aid kit – to enable your staff to administer first aid treatment for any minor injuries sustained during the evacuation
  • 1 x LED headlight, supplied with alkaline batteries for your fire marshall or person leading the evacuation to ensure hands free lighting wherever they are – invaluable in an emergency!
  • 1 x Hi-Vis vest to identify a key members of staff in charge of the evacuation
  • All of these helpful items are contained in a very handy backpack with hanging handle marked  ‘EMERGENCY KIT which can be hung and stored conveniently in a communal area and is really easy to grab and put on at a moment’s notice.