Controlled Drug Denaturing Kit (1 unit)


Available in 250ml and 1 litre sizes. Qty 1

Unwanted or out of date controlled drugs must first be denatured then destroyed via incineration, so that they cannot be recovered, retrieved or re-used.

Denaturing via a controlled drugs Kit (also known as Doom kits, Doop Jars, CDD Kits and POM kits) will render them harmless and unfit for use until they are totally destroyed via incineration. This act applies to all controlled drugs.

Available in 250ml and 1 litre sizes.

Controlled Drug Destruction Kit

A jar of powder to be used only once, and suitable for the disposal of:

Tablets (must be crushed)

Powders (empty from packaging)

Liquids (pour into kit)

Patches (fold – active surface inside)


Instructions for use:

Fill with luke warm water, replace lid and tighten well to secure.

Shake until fully mixed

Leave 15 minutes to set

Place used kit in waste unit for disposal by incineration.