Cutan Foaming Soap 1L (CUF39P) Qty 6×1 Litre


Lightly Fragranced – ensures maximum acceptability to users. Qty: 6x1L

Mild foaming soap for frequent use.

Hand cleansing is the fundamental step in hand hygiene ‘best practice’. Apart from cleaning any visible soiling’s from hands, the physical action of good hand washing technique will in fact remove high levels of bacteria and viruses also present on the skin. All Cutan soaps
are very carefully formulated to be extremely mild, encouraging frequent usage and staff compliance.

  • Instant Foaming – patented Deb pump technology delivers pre-foamed soap directly
    onto hands making hand washing faster.
  • Economical – reduced soap usage compared to conventional liquids means that each
    1 litre cartridge will provide around 1,500 hand washes making foaming soap exceptionally
  • Mild – a comprehensive combination of conditioning agents are employed to ensure that
    skin is gently cleansed and conditioned every time. Key additives include aloe vera, glycerin,
    jojoba and panthenol.
  • Quick rinsing – Cutan foaming soap rinses freely from the skin, speeding up hand washing
    and reducing the possibility of soap residues on the skin that can (in the long term) give rise
    to irritation.
  • Lightly Fragranced – ensures maximum acceptability
    to users.
  • Improves compliance – widely accepted by users means that hand washing is more likely to
    be conducted, improving hand washing rates and reducing the potential for the transmission
    of infection.
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