Day and Night Analogue Clock


Battery operated clear faced clock. Qty: 1

Day and Night Analogue Clock 

Some people living with dementia can lose the ability to recognise what time it is and whether it’s day or night, which disturbs daily routines and sleep patterns.   

The use of a clear face, analogue clock with high contrast digits which is easy to read is highly recommended for effective use in such situations.  

5 Reasons to Buy a Day and Night Clock: 

  1.  Eases confusion and disorientation – the graphic display of a sun and a moon graphic clearly illustrates  day time from night time. 
  2. Aids independence by supporting personal management of daily routine  
  3. Clear visual display can help with telling the time. 
  4. Reduces anxiety and agitation by helping keep routines on track 
  5. Supports orientation to the correct the time of the day 


  • Large clear face measures 250mm diameter, 310mm including frame. 
  • Battery operated. 
  • Pack dimensions- 320x320x60mm
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