Day and Night Personal Orientation Clock


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It’s common for a person living with dementia to become disorientated within their living space and lose track of time. Sleep patterns and daily routines become disturbed and times of the day become difficult to distinguish. 

The Day and Night Personal Orientation Clock incorporating an interactive calendar section is a great way to display the information people need such as the time, day and date and month.

5 Reasons to Buy a Day/Night Personal Orientation Clock 

  • Eases confusion and disorientation – the graphic display of a sun and a moon graphic clearly illustrates  day time from night time. 
  • Aids independence by supporting people to manage their daily routine  
  • Increases confidence by helping people to be able to tell the time. 
  • Reduces anxiety and agitation by helping keep routines on track 
  • Supports orientation to the correct time, day and month.  


  • Battery operated day/night analogue clock 
  • Integral, hidden fixings 
  • Dry-wipe, anti-bacterial surface 
  • Choice of background colour 
  • Durable, non-reflective surface with natural anti-bacterial properties. 

525 x 370 x 18mm