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A corridor full of doors that all look the same can be very confusing and distressing for a person living with dementia They can often get confused and are unable to differentiate between the doors.
Making small changes such as implementing colour contrasting doors can help make your environment more stimulating and attractive and make life easier and aid orientation for your ladies and gents with dementia.
Our door cals transform a plain, flat, internal door to create the appearance of the distinctive entrance to someone’s home.
When choosing colours for door cals, contrast is a key consideration. Colours do not need to be bright and garish, but they should be distinguishable and contrast with the immediate surroundings.

5  Reasons to Buy

  • Door-cals are a quick, simple and attractive way for you to introduce differentiation into a corridor where all doors previously looked the same.
  • They are safe and durable – fire-rated class 0 and laminated making them resilient to impact and chemical cleaning products.(Certification available on request)
  • They are self-adhesive in a wide range of colours and designed to suit most standard doors
  • You can customise them to suit your own environment by choosing your own colours (with no additional cost,) and your own dimensions if required
  • They can reduce the number of incidences of people entering the wrong room which can be a significant cause of stress.


Additional Door Features

To help navigation further, we can also supply numbers, knockers and letterboxes with a hi-tack self-adhesive backing making it simple to apply to any door without the use for tools



  • Fire rating: Class 0
  • The materials used to manufacture our Door-Cal carries a fire rating equivalent to the British ‘Class 0’ and complies with fire service recommendations.
  • Self-adhesive
  • Wide choice of colours (Specify your own colours with no additional cost)
  • Specify your own dimensions if required
  • Designed to suit most standard door formats
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