Dysphagia Roast Dinner Toolkit


Our Dysphagia Roast Dinner Complete Meal Solution

For people who are prescribed puree diets, meal presentation and recognition is as fundamental to them, as the food itself. After all, we all eat with our eyes first.

Investing in our Dysphagia Roast Dinner Complete Meal Solution provides you with all the tools you need to transform an unappetising pureed meal into a visually appealing, appetising, and comforting traditional favourite roast dinner for people your support with Dysphagia or swallowing difficulties.

We do understand that preparing visually appealing, appetising pureed meals can be challenging, however, the outcomes which can result in investing and getting this right can be a win win for everyone!:

5 Reasons to Buy Our Dysphagia Roast Dinner Complete Meal Solution

  • Improved dignity and enjoyment at mealtimes
  • Increased nutritional intake
  • Reduced food wastage
  • Greater job satisfaction for your staff
  • Improved resident and relative satisfaction


The Dysphagia Roast Dinner Toolkit consists of:

  • Chicken Breast Silicone Food Mould
  • Broccoli Silicone Food Mould
  • Carrot Silicone Food Mould
  • Rice Silicone Food Mould
  • 1 x 1kg Tub Nutrisis Food Thickener
  • A copy of our really useful ‘Puree Food Mould How To Guide’