Find Dining Mug Lid (FDL) Qty 1


Available in a variety of colour. Qty 1

This is the brand new Find Dining Range of crockery designed for all care settings where cognition, vision and dexterity are common problems.

4 years of development and consultations have resulted in its evolution from a concept to address a need, to something you can buy and use to bring the benefits of this product into your home.

Your first impression is that Find Dining is a an attractively coloured, high quality range of traditionally manufactured crockery with elegant and unique design features. On handling the pieces, you may realise that there’s something else about this product which is different. Although it looks and feels like ceramic, it doesn’t have the weight of ceramic which can often be excessive for our customer. The Find Dining Range is manufactured from a high quality melamine. Poles apart from the picnic-style products we’ve all seen before – this material has some exceptional and valuable properties that make it perfect for any care setting.

The range is infinitely more durable than a traditional porcelain product and provides a range of benefits which cannot be achieved by any other product and with an exceptional level of dignity.

Key Features:

  • Improved manipulation and enhanced presentation of food
  • Reduction of waste and improved nutritional intake;
  • Contents stay warmer, longer
  • Reduced transfer of heat through mugs
  • Cost saving through high durability
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Perfect weight
  • Proportions aid portion control
  • Intelligent design supports good nutrition and maintains dignity
  • Broad rim for a better grip
  • Broad base for greater stability
  • Lipped rim reduces spillages
  • Hard-wearing integral colour

PLEASE NOTE not for use in Microwaves.