The Original Floor Pressure Mat – Fall Alarm for Existing Nurse Call


Weight 560g. Qty: 1

The Original Floor Pressure Mat

We’ve been supplying floor pressure mats to the care sector for over thirty years. These unique mats are made in the UK and finished by hand .

Since they’re so popular we thought we’d give you a bit more information on just why these pressure mat customers keep coming back to us.


What Makes Our Mat So Good…?

Whilst this  product has been improved over time the same basic principles still apply. Unlike other systems these mats use a removable cover mat. This provides a thick and stable barrier for the sensor mat with a comfortable cotton carpeted finish. This protective “Barrier” mat is machine washable so can be easily cleaned.
These Floor Pressure mats also include a removable anti slip layer that keeps the mat firmly locked in place on the floor. 



  • Free Anti-slip mat included
  • 5 meter lead
  • Mats are hand-glued and very hardwearing
  • No batteries required (except with some complex call systems)
  • No professional installation required
  • Matched to any call system
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Size 560mm X 720mm X 3mm
  • Lead Length: any – 5 metres as standard
  • Matt thickness 5mm
  • Connection As requested to match
  • Weight 560g

Every Call System Connection

If you have an existing call system you’ll need the sensor matched to your connection. We have every connection on our database. Simply select which system you have and we can supply the mat to plug in. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so if you’re unsure what connection you have, why not give us a ring and we’ll be able help.


We can easily match connections for most call system models including: 
  • Ackermann Connexus
  • Aidcall ATX2000
  • Aidcall ATX3000
  • Aidcall ATX4000
  • Aidcall ATX5000
  • Alarm Tec
  • Arm
  • Ascom
  • Av tech
  • Bloomby Niko
  • C tec
  • Call Line
  • CareCom
  • Chubb
  • Courtney Thorne
  • Eclipse
  • Eclipse change over box
  • Intercall 600/700
  • MB electronics 3002 NCPP
  • Nursecall Pear Push Transmitter
  • Medicall 800
  • Medicare HTM4000
  • Medicare HTM6000
  • Medicare HTM9000
  • Modern
  • Ncall – Telearm
  • Nursecall 700 & Nursecall 600
  • Nursecall 7000
  • Nursecall 800
  • Prince
  • Quantec
  • Rondish
  • SAS gemini
  • SAS network 1
  • SAS network 2
  • Saturn
  • Tate
  • TeleAlarm – Companion 90
  • Tunstall
  • Tunstall (Swindon)
  • Wandsworth Safecall

If you don’t have a call system or you need a standalone or wireless solution we also supply a Pager-Linked Pressure Mat.