Silicone Food Moulds



A selection of brightly coloured silicone moulds for the blending or puree of food.
All of our moulds come complete with lid. Qty 1

Our moulds provide flexibility to puree vegetables, meat and carbohydrates such as rice and pasta, enabling easier digestion with the appearance of food in it’s cooked and shaped state. Perfect for individuals that have difficulty swallowing, such as those living with dysphagia.

Bring Food Back To Life.

All of our moulds come complete with lid and are easily stacked on top of one another to maximise storage space

For many people the very thought of puree food conjures up images of meals that are shapeless, tasteless, nutritionally deficient and visually unpalatable.

Indeed for many hospital patients and residents in aged care facilities around the world this scenario is all too real.

Fortunately by using our puree food molds this no longer needs to be the case, with various benefits including:

5 Reasons To Buy

  • Improved Meal Presentation.
  • Time Savings
  • Cost Savings
  • Greater Meal Variety
  • Dining with Dignity