Fusion Bed Pad (9100) Qty 1


Bed Pad Without Tucks

The Fusion Bed Pad is the latest in bed pad technology. Using patented technology, Fusion is a fused, unquilted bed pad that offers the best in reusable bed linen protection. By minimising the potential for pressure points, Fusion created a smooth surface for a patient’s sensitive skin to rest.

  • Fused, unquilted construction allows the underpad to lay flat and eliminates surface puckering,
    reducing the risk of pressure points.
  • Comfortable Stay Dry surface promotes a healthy microclimate for patient’s skin.
  • Thin profile will not impair the performance of specialty mattresses.
  • Brushed barrier keeps underpad securely in place.
  • Large size offers total linen protection and ensures fewer bed linen changes.
  • “This side down” indicator on barrier helps guide caregiver as to which side faces downward on the bed


89cm x 89cm