Guardian F4000 Neb-Aid (120.00.000)


Weight:1.3Kg. Qty 1

Modern high efficiency compact nebuliser
Unobtrusive and quiet piston compressor
Attractive black carry and storage case with handle and strap
Comprehensive accessories package including;

  • Adult soft face mask
  • Child soft face mask
  • Connecting tubing
  • Nebulising chamber
  • Mouthpiece and nasal adaptor

Air inlet filter
Technical Specifications:

  • Max pressure:   1.5 bar approx.
  • Compressor output:    9 litres per minute
  • Dimensions:     18x14x13cm
  • Weight:    1.3Kg
  • Case dimensions:   30x17x15cm
  • Case Weight:    2.25Kg
  • Sound level at 1mt:   56dB(A)
  • Compliances:   Dir.93/42/EEC – EN60 601-1/A2
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