Inspire 10 inch Steep Side Plate


These 10 inch steep side plates are ideal for schools, outdoor dining and care homes, they have the look and feel of ceramic plates but are break resistant.

Inspire Dinnerware is a range of high quality melamine dinnerware with the look and feel of ceramic; ideal for healthcare, outdoor dining, health spas and schools.

The range includes brightly coloured dinnerware, which can help to stimulate appetitive for people with dementia and reduced visual perception.

Research has proven food intake has been found to increase by as much as 25% when using blue, yellow or red plates. We have developed a steep sided plate, enabling people with limited mobility to eat independently without the use of plate guards.

Melamine dinnerware

  • Has the look and feel of ceramic
  • Lightweight, break resistant, easy to handle
  • Bright colours
  • New design steep sided plate – maintain dignity, no need for plate guards
  • Safe for use in Commercial Dishwashers