Key Fob (FFKEY)


Designed to help ease the feeling of wondering if you’re at the right door or if you have the right key.

In our security-conscious world we have to have keys for everything! But the more we have the more confusing they become and not being able to find the right key when you need it can be so frustrating. No-one wants to be in the situation where they feel locked in, or locked out of their own home. Or worse–wondering if they are at the right door.
Using our well-known designs we’ve used symbols, colours and words to make a durable key fob that’s easy to read and takes all the guess-work out of choosing the right key.
  • Clear, high-contrast, non-reflective pictures and words
  • Robust, durable, tactile design
  • Bespoke text available on request
  • Includes stainless steel ring
Approx’ size
90mm long – Designs will vary
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and confusion
  • Promotes confidence and safety
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