Kings Modular Cutlery (AA55)


The range of Kings cutlery comes in a variety of different options – with different tops and handles allowing the user to tailor the cutlery to their own specific requirements.

Please note to use the cutlery you will need to purchase the handles which are sold separately.
Qty: 1 each

Kings Standard Cutlery Utensils

These standard utensils are mounted in plastic spigots that fit tightly into the chosen handle, but allow the blade to be angled as desired.

Code Standard Cutlery Length  Weight
AA5520  Knife  112mm  17g
AA5521 Fork  104mm  21g
AA5522 Standard Spoon 97mm  23g
AA5523  Junior Spoon 91mm  21g
AA5524  Teaspoon  84mm  17g
AA5526  Soup Spoon  80mm  21g


Kings Angled Cutlery Utensils

A range similar to the standard utensils but with angled blades for those with limited wrist or arm movement. The knife is at 90° and can also be used as the second utensil in the double ended handles. Forks and spoons have left and right handed versions at 40° angles. The angled adaptor adds extra length and a 30° angle to any utensil. Knife is 52mm with 80mm offset at 90° angle.

Code Angled Cutlery Length  Weight
AA5530  Knife 132mm 20g
AA5531L Left Handed Fork 82mm 21g
AA5531R  Right Handed Fork 82mm 21g 
AA5532L  Left Handed Spoon 82mm 23g
AA5532R Right Handed Spoon 82mm 23g
AA5534  Adaptor – Pack of 3 60mm 10g


Kings Specialised Cutlery Utensils

The Splayed Fork (AA5527) is a combined fork and spoon and the Nelson Knife is a combined knife and fork. Both are designed to help with one-handed eating. The Small Rocker Knife is for cutting food with minimal rocking movement and can be used in the double-ended cutlery handles to make one utensil more versatile. The Large Rocker Knife has a broad semi-circular blade which is ideal for preparing larger food without cocking the wrist.

Code Specialised Cutlery Length  Weight
AA5527 Splayed Fork 82mm 22g
AA5528 Nelson Knife 110mm 25g
AA5529 Small Rocker (width:60mm) 35mm  19g
AA5533 Large Rocker (max width of blade: 121mm) 45g


Kings Soft Coated Spoons

These spoons have been dipped in soft, food quality PVC. They may be beneficial for users with bite reflex problem when eating. Due to the type of use to which these items are subjected, they are only guaranteed for three months.

Code Soft Coated Spoons Length  Weight
AA5518 Spoon 100mm 32g
AA5519 Teaspoon 80mm 25g
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