Kings Modular Handles (AA55)


The range of Kings cutlery comes in a variety of different options – with different tops and handles allowing the user to tailor the cutlery to their own specific requirements.

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Kings Standard Build-Up Handle

The Standard Handle has a hollow cylindrical body. The Slim has an oval cross section and this handle is also used as the core for the built-up sleeves. The Contoured has a curved shape and finger contours. The Mushroom is a round hollow doorknob type handle which is easy to grip for those with weak or painful joints.
The Heavyweight Handle is similar to the standard, but the core is filled with a metal bar to make it heavier. The Customised is custom made by means of a metal inner core and pack of modelling material to make a unique personal shape.

Code Standard Build-Up Handle Length  Weight
AA5536 Standard 25mm 30g
AA5543 Slim 14-19mm 29g
AA5535 Contoured 22-30mm 85g
AA5544 Mushroom 65mm 52g
AA5542 Customised As required 65g
AA5539 Heavy Handle 25mm 156g

Kings Built-Up Sleeves

Contoured PVC sleeves that fit over the slim handle (AA5543)

Code Standard Build-Up Sleeves Length  Weight
AA5545 Oval Sleeve 23-30mm 24g
AA5546 Small Contoured 22mm 19g
AA5547 Large Contoured 29-35mm 38g

Kings Lightweight Foam Handles

Made from grey sculptured closed cell foam for those unable to cope with the weight of standard built up handles.

  • Washable
Code Lightweight Foam Handles Length  Weight
AA5538 Small 20mm 10g
AA5537 Large 28mm 12g

Kings Double Ended Handles with Strap

These are versions of the Standard Built-Up and Lightweight Foam Handles with utensil apertures in both ends. They are supplied with a transparent adjustable strap and a fixing spigot that fits in the second hole. A second utensil can be used e.g. the Rocker Knife (AA5529) or Angled Knife (AA5530), both can be found in “Kings Modular Cutlery (AA55) with or without the strap, to create versatile one handed cutlery.

  • Strap 210 x 20mm (8 x 4/5″).
Code Double Ended Handles + Strap Length  Weight
AA5540 Standard Double 25mm 30g
AA5541 Lightweight Double 28mm 12g
AA554001 Spare Straps – Pack of 10

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