LifeVac Anti Choking Device – Home Kit


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The Lifevac anti choking device is a non-powered, non-invasive, portable suction device used to clear an upper airway obstruction. Designed with a patented valve to prevent any air from exiting through the mask.

It can be easily stored due to its small box, making it ideal for kitchen areas or dining rooms. Each mask comes with coloured rings to identify which mask suits the casualty as one size mask will not fit everyone. The A5 BLS leaflet explains how and when to use the device to save a life. The instruction booklet details how to use the device and which coloured ring identifies the size of the mask. The LifeVac is easy to use, safe and effective and capable of generating over 300 mmhg of suction.

The LifeVac has saved over 1000 lives and more than 1880 care homes in the UK are equipped with the device.


LifeVac unit

LifeVac instruction booklet

A5 BLS leaflet

1 Paediatric mask

1 Small child/adult mask

1 Medium adult mask

1 Large adult mask

Not intended for use on persons under 10 kg without a paediatric mask attached.

Please Note: Due to the nature of this product, it is non-returnable or refundable unless the security seal is intact. Please ensure that this item is suitable for your needs before purchase.