Lilform Suprem Regular Plus Shaped Pads Qty 4×20 (LSFM5111)


Designed for comfort and practicality. Qty 4×20

A range of pads manufactured to the highest possible standards. Specially designed for moderate to severe incontinence problems. All products combine high levels of absorbency and protection, are soft and comfortable making the user not only feel drier but comfortable and secure. The new supreme form range offers several features:

  • Non rustle polythene backing
  • Special double pad acquisition layer
  • Hydrophobic leg cuff for added protection – NEW IMPROVED
  • Time/wetness indicator

Lilform Suprem Regular – Colour: Blue –  Volume: 1570ml
Lilform Suprem Extra Plus – Colour: Orange – Volume: 2220ml
Lilform Suprem Super Plus: Colour: Green – Volume: 2740ml
Lilform Suprem Maxi –  Colour: Grey –  Volume: 2920ml

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