Lille Care Wet Wipes Premium (6 packs) LCWW9121-02



Specially formulated Suprem Care Wet Wipes offer a gentle alternative for cleansing the skin. Appropriate for use on all patients including those with frail skin and
those with allergies, these innovative wipes dispense out of the packet quickly and easily to facilitate improved patient care in any clinical setting.

Suprem Care Wet Wipes are paraben free, alcohol free and antiseptic free, they are also non-flammable and do not leave unwanted residue on the skin’s surface after usage. Alcohol Free The hypoallergenic formula protects the skin’s acid mantle, the body’s first line of defence against negative external influences.
Paraben Free Paraben is a chemical preservative utilised as additives to prolong

99% natural origin Suitable for individuals with chemical sensitivity. Aloe vera Effective in healing and soothing skin.
Non-woven cloth Durable non tearing material that gently cleanses and retains moisture.
Resealable pop-up lid Easy one-handed dispensing from packet while minimising contamination


6 Packs of 80 Wipes 20x22cm

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