Mouth Hydrator (OCIMC6)


Pack of 20

Traditionally, pink foam mouth swabs immersed in liquid have been used to moisten peoples’ mouths at end of life, however due to the choking risks associated with foam swabs, how do you solve the problem of keeping peoples’ mouths, lips and tongues hydrated in a safe and controlled condition?

Our new and innovative Mouth Hydrator does just this.

By using gentle compression against the lips, each individual stick provides a slow flow of water from two drip holes to the patient’s mouth, providing moisture to the lips, mouth and tongue.

5 Reasons to Buy the Mouth Hydrator

  • They provide safe mouthcare to vulnerable people
  • They reduce mouth dryness
  • To improve a person’s comfort levels.
  • They help reduce bacterial growth in the mouth
  • To reduce halitosis

The Mouth Hydrator can benefit those in intensive care / critical care, stroke and other neurological patients, head and neck oncology patients, elderly mentally ill patients and those dependent on mouth care.

Instructions for use:

  • Fully depress the soft end into a bowl of water
  • Lift off slowly and allow the soft head to fill with water
  • Remove the hydrator slowly from the bowl
  • Place onto the surface of the patients tongue or lips, flat side up
  • Apply light pressure to the MC-6 and move side to side over the patient’s lips and/or place into patients mouth
  • Slowly allow the liquid to enter/ flow over the patient’s lips/tongue before removing it from their mouth
  • When the person’s mouth has been sufficiently moistened remove excess water from the Hydrator
  • Designed for single patient, single session use, discard after use.


  • Seek advice from a senior member of staff if the tongue is severely ulcerated
  • Do not use if the package is open or appears to be damaged or if the product has been open for 24 hours or more.
  • Discard the Mouth Hydrator after each use if the patient has Candida infection (thrush) in the mouth


There are no special storage requirements for the unopened packs